In May 2006 I started up and it almost immediately started getting good traffic.

Today the traffic is over 2,800+ unique visits a day. In July the total was 73,735 unique visits.

As I’ve become more involved in other ventures, I decided to not let this site stagnate and sell it while it’s still on an upward traffic trend. I’ve placed it on auction at the SitePoint forums here.

I’ve already been offered over $3,000 by people prior to this sale, so I’ve set my minimum bid to which I can get out of the sale to $3,000. Even from the hour or so ago I’ve posted the ad I’ve got several high bids.

With Facebook Apps out and Facebook users coming on board by the tens of thousands per day, I’m sure someone could really take this site to the next level.

With the amount of traffic and high amount of advertising clicks (even though there are only two ads on the site) the site should fetch my asking price. Hopefully the person who buys it knows how to properly place ads and use different systems other than Google, they could really boost profits right away.

Blog posted on: August 4, 2007

14 comments on “Selling

  1. Joe

    Just found your blog, i have read through a lot of it. Great inspiration to keep going and be creative with the ideas….good luck on the auction!

  2. Anonymous

    the facebook site you made is one of the lamest sites I have ever seen, all it is is a bunch of crap you stole from other people and posted together, and all the content sucks. the section on “hacks” is a joke, its seriously funny how lame it is.

  3. Anonymous

    please stop posting traffic using webalizer… it’s basically lying.

    my site shows 3x traffic on webalizer than other analytics (google analytics, coremetrics)… it’s a log analyzer. its not meant to accurately track web traffic.

  4. marsh josem

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