Selling Off Resumite

It was a good idea that worked pretty well, but I’m no longer pursuing it and it’s time to go.

I’ve posted for sale in the SitePoint forums, the ad can be VIEWED HERE.

With all the added bells and whistles on the auction, it cost me $65 to post. A basic listing would have cost $20.

It would be nice to see someone take over the site and actually make money with it. It kind of ties in with my making money with simple web design instead of Web 2.0 thing.

I’ll see how much it fetches by Feb. 20th 2007.

Blog posted on: February 2, 2007

6 comments on “Selling Off Resumite

  1. Ryan

    Hey Nev, seems you already got a bid on the site!

    I’m not usually one to care, but the first commentor on this post said:

    “Your an ignorant ahole” and misspelled “You’re” :-)

    Just found that funny!

  2. Anonymous

    Nev, please don’t give in and change your post. There are always going to be a few very vocal idiots who want to control everything that they dislike. I’m 1/4 chinese and 3/4 Korean. I’m amazed that anyone would be offended by your previous post.


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