Selling Pixel Squares on NevBlog

I’m selling the boxes on the top-right of NevBlog to anyone wishing to advertise. This idea has been done in the U.K., and now I will try it in the U.S.

Product: Squares in the boxes on the top-right of the blog. You can add an image or text to these boxes. Each square can be linked to the destination of choice.

Price: $50 per square.

Space: 20 squares wide, 30 squares long.

Reach a large audience on a widely-read personal finance blog which has been featured in Business Week, New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. No other advertisments are present on the site. Site offers draw-back appeal and high PageRanking unlike other pixel-advertising sites. New and unique way of advertising!

Payment: PayPal or Credit Card.

—–Pay directly via PayPal Here:

—–Pay by Credit Card Here:

All the proceeds from this experiment will go directly into my investment account. I use this account soley for re-investing in other money-making opportunities.

No sex or pharmaceutical sites. Any sites I consider a link farm will also not be considered.

Questions? Email Me.

Happy advertising!

——–UPDATE (9-29-2006)———–

I have taken the pixel squares down after one year, they made me a total of $2,300 (minus about 2.40% for fees).

The pixel sale ended up looking like this:

Blog posted on: September 28, 2005

115 comments on “Selling Pixel Squares on NevBlog

  1. Tim Stein

    I clearly remember you saying that you will NOT be using NevBlog for advertising purposes…

    If there’s one thing that we’ve realized about you nev, it’s that you tend to go back on your word quite often.

    Entrepreneurial you may be, but that counts for zilch if you’ve no spine.

  2. Andreas Climent

    Haha, well, it sure works for that british guy. Good luck with the experiment Nev.

    I found your blog some day ago and have read pretty much all your posts, you’ve got some interesting things going on, keep it up!

  3. Rick

    Nev, it’s nice to see someone do the MillionDollarHomePage thing in a different format.

    All the ripoffs of that site are a temporary fad, as they have no “stickability” like your site has. An advertiser would be better suited to your blog than to one of those sites dedicated only to advertising.

    Awsome modification of an existing idea Nev, this form of advertising may become a new trend, who knows!

  4. Cap

    hey thats kinda neat, never saw those pixel advertising format before (even if its been done before)

    I wonder how effective it is though as a form of advertisement.. do the links get clutter up easily?

  5. Flexo

    Here’s a thought, maybe for next time. Line up some advertisers first, before putting the pixel block on the site. Or use some of the space yourself. A potential advertiser might view the site, see that you have no advertisers, and they might second-guess the worth the space if no one has taken up your offer yet.

  6. Anonymous

    This site has become a joke.

    Next thing we’ll see is Nev’s “Used Pen Experiment”, where he will hire a bum to collect used pens and then sell them on NevBlog through $50 pixels….LOL.

  7. Thumb

    I’ve only read this blog a couple times but someone mentioned that you used to have a no advertisement rule.

    If now you are choosing to advertise on your site, this might not be the best way to do it. The Million Dollar Homepage works because once the fad is over, the site traffic will go down and the guy will be walking away with a load of cash.

    Your site is more valuable than that. What happens if you sell 10 pixels, are you now obligated to have these uglt 10 pixels up on a prime position on your site from now on? Wouldn’t using Google Ads or other advertisements make you more money over time?

    Just some things to think about before you sell any of those pixels. Good luck!


    The Thumb Print

  8. Jay's Financial Blog

    Thumb makes a good point — with a blog this popular I would hate to get a few accounts and have to clutter a prime piece of virtual real estate.

    Also…the idea of the no ad rule and now trying to sell these crazy ads says a lot about character, but …who am I to judge.

    I would look into selling your own text ads on your site…you can find a script that will enable you to run a google like ad program in house for your website….I think that would be better — or check out I’m sure lots of people would be willing to pay to be on your site …but PAT-PER-PERFORMANCE…not just 50$ a month with no guarantee of clicks or return on investment…marketing needs to be measurable!!!!

  9. Rich

    $50 per square till 10-28-2005. $100 p/square after.

    How long to you get to keep your add up for $50? A month, a year, infinity?

  10. Anonymous

    My Comments:


    At 8:53 AM, Neville said…

    Believe it or not, there are times when the principle in worth more than the money.

    For some odd reason, I am very strongly compelled to leave this site free of advertisements because this is my personal financial journal. It is NOT a money making venture. was a money making venture, and I couldn’t imagine taking the ads off that particular site. I however will leave NevBlog unscathed.

    I was inspired to start this site by, THE BEST blog around in my opinion. He also happens to be one of the very very very few large sites with no adverts.

    He asks for donations, but that’s because he offers a service to people. I don’t feel I offer a service, therefore I will not ask for donations. I also don’t make $300,000+ a year to back up any advice I could give!

    Funny as it sounds coming from a financial blog author: I don’t want this site to be dictated by money.

    I don’t mind Adsense on other sites though. If it makes you a nice sum every month, go for it!

    2. It is clear that you are just a huckster. Why do you want to be mentioned in papers, etc.? Either to get recognition to generate traffic to this site, or to feed your ridiculous ego.

    3. In your greedy haste to post this “wonderful” marketing idea, you forgot something essential that anyone with half a brain would want to know….the TERMS of the contract. A square costs $50…great….but how long is that square going to stay there? What recourse do I have if you renig?

    4. The thoughts expressed on this blog are lightweight…how come we never hear about the progress of ANY of your little ventures? For example, the first venture you posted of in 2004…resumite. Is that making any money for you?

    I’m curious…do you ever follow through with anything?

  11. Anonymous

    I am also getting the same feeling — I once thought this guy was legit, but now he is coming off as a slimy used car salesman!

  12. Erik Davis

    Well, I read your site strictly through its RSS feed, so I wont even be able to see the ad. That said, ads (even an idea like this) are worn out. Alot of people don’t even pay the slightest attention to them, or in my case, don’t even view them at all. That is because I browse a number of blogs, all with the same goal: content. So why fall back on some silly sham like this? Why not do something a bit more sinister, start your own micro pr firm and every couple of months or so pick up a contract to review a product (and we all know how “reviews” work) by talking about it on your blog. You know, something along the lines of “My camera broke recently and I needed a new camera and I got this camera and it was amazing. Here is why it is amazing …. I am going to invest in their stock now.”

  13. Anonymous

    Do us a favor and measure everything.
    How many hits are you getting now to your blog, How much time from the start of putting this post till you get the first sale, how traffic to each subscriber changes, how sales change over time and with the number of current subscribers etc. etc.

    You may not want to publish number later but give us some of your findings. Could be interesting.

    Normally blog posts drop in ranking as they get older (I’ve heard) but you are making this part of your ‘front page’ so that may not matter.

  14. nyc money

    Don’t listen to them. Ads make money, and this is your site. 99% with any decent traffic are there to make money. It’s called capitalism.

  15. CS

    Nev, your blog is creative and unique. Something most of these blogs are not. In fact, most of them seem like copied articles out of Money magazine.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoying checking your blog frequently.

  16. Spike

    This is a good idea… I’m not supprised you picked up on it. I’ve started doing the same thing myself, over at The Magic 8 Ball. I’m not charging nearly as much as you, but I am doing it on a subscription basis…. So you can buy a square, but you will have to pay for it again next year. That way it brings in a more constant income, rather than a one time thing.

    So far its been up a couple hours and I’ve got a couple sales. I’ve also seeded it liberally with my own links, just to get the ball rolling.

  17. Anonymous

    Nev, I should say that i have become addicted to reading your blogs. I find your experiments interesting, but this one — Thumbs down buddy.


    1) Idea is not original

    2) Its clear that you have not planned this well. There are no terms of contract, and no where have you stated that you would screen the contents. What would prevent a person from buying an adspace but advertising nonsense?

  18. Chris

    Kirk from the Kirk report is a con-artist. He reccomends securities simply to inflate the price because he owns them. Then he clears his position after his userbase has finished it’s buying. He targets companies with low market capitalization because the lack of liquidity causes prices to jump higher, making him more money. To say that he’s one of the best blogs out there is surely a stretch.

  19. Anonymous

    as if some idiots actually paid for those pixels…. obviously amateurs who know nothing about online marketing….who is to say nev doesn’t just delete the ads after it is filled…some his past conduct that would not surprise me…fuckign smuck!

  20. Michael

    Neville, shrug off these nay-sayers as most of them are hidden under a shroud of anonyminity and leave rather shallow comments. I’m not sure why some people are so up in arms about your pixel sale, it’s simply a new and innovative way to make a little cash. Your blog actually does provide advertisers more bang for their buck, as your blog has come-back value.

    I for one love your blog, and know for a fact you are an inspiration to many.

    Thanks for you swift email reponse :-)

  21. Neville

    I don’t like following convention. I like to do things differently just to try something new. That’s why simply placing AdSense banners on my page never appealed to me for NevBlog.

    The Pixel-Sale however requires my active attention and feels slightly more like a “business venture” than AdSense.

    The Pixel-Square idea in particular was originally started by and because it was the first, it got the press. Of course there have been tons of copycat sites, and I feel they don’t have a chance in the long term because they have no content.

    However, a blog draws a unique niche of people back over and over, making this medium more suited to the pixel-square sale.

    I thought applying MillionDollarHomePage’s idea in a different form would be an interesting experiment.

    Yes, I COULD post AdSense banners and make several dollars a day….but that’s too boring! This experiment allows me try something new and LEARN something new.


  22. Anonymous

    Michael, exactly how is Nev an inspiration? What has he done that has inspired you? Scratched off some lottery tickets (when he could have just looked at the posted odds)….got a bum to sell water (failing to account for the cost of a license or taxes if he was going legit)…going back on his word that this was not a money making site (yeah, right)…colleting used pens to save a quarter?

    Lets see Nev tell us how his business ventures are faring. I have a feeling that he has FAILED to follow through on a single one of them.

  23. Anonymous


    Can you please address these prior comments you made:

    “Believe it or not, there are times when the principle in worth more than the money.”

    “For some odd reason, I am very strongly compelled to leave this site free of advertisements because this is my personal financial journal. It is NOT a money making venture.”

    “Funny as it sounds coming from a financial blog author: I don’t want this site to be dictated by money.”

  24. Anonymous

    The fact that nev goes out there and does something make him an inspiration.

    Perhaps all you other anonymous commentors can learn from that. If you don’t like nev’s site, why do you read it?

  25. Flexo

    Nev’s free to change his mind about advertisements as often as he wants. Readers haven’t signed any user agreements, so if Nev wants to serve advertisements, that’s fine. But without some sort of documentation of how long the ads stay, the advertisers so far are just throwing away their money. I don’t see how anyone would spend $50 without knowing what they’re geting, like the expected CPC or CPM.

    BTW – a “pixel” is a tiny dot, not a block of dots. Remeber dot matrix printers? They printed using tiny dots to make up the letters. Some computer monitors are 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. A pixel is the smallest element of display, so the terminology isn’t quite right. Otherwise a 16px by 16px square at $50 per pixel would cost $12,800.

  26. Hakim

    Nev, keep it up! You are indeed an inspiration. I am 22 and an entrepreneur like you. When I tell people about my projects and businesses they often laugh and tell me it’s stupid. Usually they either:
    - Are plain stupid
    - have no ambition and aiming for a dead-end job
    - do not understand how capitalism work and feel that only “big” company can succeed.

    It’s a sad reality, that we entrepreneur must face: We are different, we have ambitions. Dont let the no-ambition fools discourage you.

    Good luck and keep on postin’!

  27. jim

    Do whatever you want man, if people don’t like it enough, they’ll stop coming – but I doubt they will.

    This blog is about making money… scratching lotto tickets, selling water, and selling pixels are money-making ventures. I wonder how many people are pissed they didn’t think of this first or did and don’t have the traffic to sell ads at $50 a clip. Even if you sell nothing else, it’s $800 you didn’t have before and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  28. Anonymous

    Scratching lotto tickets is a money making venture? Are you serious? Is this what it takes to be called an entrepenuer these days?

    This blog has nothing to do with making money…it has everything to do with Nev’s ego. Besides, he specifically said “this is my personal financial journal. It is NOT a money making venture.”

    I don’t understand you guys that worship Nev….he has done nothing but make a blog and get his name into some articles about blogwriters.

    Let’s hear about resumite…or any of the other numerous Enwon subsidiaries….not how he saved .29 by picking up some old pens.

    The best part of this whole thing is that selling pixels is nothing more than a fad right now…and it seems awfully desperate for Nev to be jumping on this bandwagon (regardless if he labels it an “experiment,” which seems to be his excuse for everything).

  29. Andreas Climent

    Dear Anonymous spammer, if you don’t like Nev’s blog, you are not forced to keep reading/commenting.

    Offcourse Nev can do whatever he wants with this blog, and personaly, I feel all new tries to earn money are worth a try, atleast as an experiment to see the outcome.

    What I like about you Nev, is that you come up with ideas, and actually go through with them, that’s admirable in my opinion.

  30. Maxim

    Anonymous before me,

    You blog is not a “real blog”, it actually blows. Thanks for great antrepreneurial ideas like “Don’t depend on word-of-mouth”. With statements like that you are fundamentally wrong.

    Word of mouth is most of the time the only thing you’ve got. Take this blog, or any other website – you build traffic by having people link to you. Google cranks out $4B a year based on that very principle.

    Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful concept that must be used all the time.

  31. jim

    It’s funny to think that anyone worships Neville and I call it money making because he did it, it generated money, and it was a venture… i never said it was a good or a sustainable money making venture. It’s funny how polarized people get and forget that this is a journal… it’s like reading someone’s diary and getting pissed off at what you find. Get over it.

  32. Anonymous

    Grief, this “pixel thing” must be Nev’s desparate atempt to reach his goal of $7,500 monthly income by 11/17/05. Because all the other projects added up to what? Few cents saved up by picking up used and abused pens?
    $50/ $100 for what? How many are so dumb to fork over that kind of dough and have no contract from someone like Nev who has shown us over time some less than honorable behavior.
    As I have opined long time ago Nev, the self-proclaimed guru of entrepreneurship, seems to be focusing his energies on a lot of copy cat projects, feeding his ego, dreaming….while paying his living expenses with his parents money. A lot to admire here (sarcasm). INDEED!!!!!

  33. Andreas Curtil

    Isn’t it funny how all of these anonymous posters bash Nev, but REPEATEDLY visit his site SEVERAL TIMES EVERY HOUR!?

    It seems there is one guy who is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Nev that just keeps bashing him!

    I either sense envy or jealousy in him. If he truly doesn’t like what Nev has to say, he would just stop visiting the site.

    Instead, Anonymous commentors are driving more traffic to Nev’s post, giving the pixel advertisers more exposure.

    Nev is not even out of college, and way ahead of most people at only 22 years old. He tries all sorts of things, and yes, most will fail. He is quite honest about his failures. His experiments are mixture of learning and fun (especially for readers!), and are helping to lay his foundation for later in his life.

    Just because Nev starts a business then stops after a while doesn’t mean he has bad business skills or ethics at all. He started the business (Already better than what 98% of people would actually do), tried it out, and maybe realized he didn’t like it or wasn’t profitable enough.

    Many people don’t seem to account for the fact that Neville is still a full time student and very very young….yet extremely active in his business life (I wish I knew what your other businesses under Non-Disclosure Agreements are!)
    …I bet Anonymous will reply to that saying “Nothing”. Blah Blah Blah.

    Statistically only 9 out of 10 businesses last for over 5 years, and Nev’s House of Rave business has already done that and is still going. He has also made it into 5 MAJOR news publications (Congrats on NYTimes buddy!) in less than 8 months.

    Whatever Nev is doing, he is doing something right to keep Anonymous’s coming back for more and more!

    Nev may not yet be wealthy, but he has a great head start and I don’t doubt for a second he will succeed.

  34. Financial Fruition


    I think you’ve got to post contract details (annual, etc).

    I also think it’s funny that no one has really calculated that you could make $30,000 to $60,000 if you sold all of your squares.

    Nev, you do a great job of being controversial and keeping the masses reading your blog!!!

  35. Anonymous

    Judging by the grammar in the last anonymous comment, we can all see that these anonymous people are mostly either
    1.) Not very intelligent
    2.) Under 14 years of age


  36. Anonymous

    Ha! That thing IS a bucket….but I grantee you will REALLY appreciate your next car.

    My first car was a $2,000, 10 year old Mercury Sable. Towards the end of its life:

    -It had no AC or tinting. I had to drive without a shirt sometimes to avoid soaking it in sweat.
    -I had to check the radiator level EVERY TIME I got in the car because it would randomly flush out.
    -A had to ghetto-rig my bumper back on with plywood, duct tape, string, some interestingly placed nails and self-drilled holes.
    -Something would ALWAYS leak. One day it would be blue, one day red, one day green, one day black.
    -The power steering went out twice
    -A pipe exploded one summer and spewed water directly onto the hot parts of the engine, immersing me in an opaque cloud of smoke whilst driving.
    -While on cruise control going 70mph the car suddenly died. Next day the mechanic started it up without a problem, leaving me always wondering if I would make it to my destination.
    -At stop lights, I had to either put the car into neutral or hold the brake and gas at the same time to keep it from dying.
    -Many many many more fun incidents!

    However, I now know A LOT more about cars….and my new 2004 Toyota Camry seems like the best car in the world.


  37. Anonymous


    1. Has nothing to do with jealousy or envy, but everything to do with calling people on the carpet. Nev pretends he is a businessman, but is nothing but a huckster who fails to follow through with anything.

    2. His pixel advertisers have already paid up, regardless of whatever traffic he may or may not get…so who cares how many anon’s post her. Besides, Nev drives alot of traffic here by posting on other blogs.

    3. He is 22 and in college. BFD…I was 20 when I graduated college and had my first job. I wasn’t sponging off my parents at 22.

    I have more respect for kids who join the military at 18, then I do for Nev.

    3. Nev has not started jack. He makes webpages with grand ideas, then does nothing. Let’s call a spade a spade, here….

    4. The fact that Nev is a college student means nothing…I had 100% more free time in college then I do in my work life…as many others will admit as well. I get inspired by the blogs of REI’s who work full time, REI in the part time, and somehow actually accomplish goals and create wealth.

    4. I doubt that Nev is making any money from any other “secret” companies…if he is, he would be bragging about the money coming in, even if he could not talk about the company. Nev is one guy who loves to brag about his money.

    5. Not only will Nev not reach his goal of $1M by 27, but he will declare bankruptcy before then. Nev does not think that any rules apply to him, and will cut anyone’s throat to save himself (or his money).

    Nev is going to fail because he has failed to learn the number one thing that drives any business…and Nev is never going to figure it out.



    Would you give it a rest??? No gives a damn about what YOU have done that Nev hasn’t.

    Some people like Nev, some don’t. Get over it.

    You are completely and utterly 100% obsessed with Neville’s website. If we have to worry about anyone here, it’s you.

  39. Quant Trader

    I’m glad to see you are finally attempting to monotize your site. Personally, I always thought it was dumb that you let idealism get in the way of making money off of such a valuable piece of web real-estate. A patchwork of different colored pixels isn’t going to stop me from enjoying your site.

    Personally, I think this is an interesting expirement. The milliondollarhomepage is a neat gimmick. I’m interested in seeing how well the gimmick works on a page that provides actual content.

  40. Anonymous

    Just a little web dev tip on the ads. You might want to put what you currently have in the “alt” attribute into the “title” attribute instead (like the Million Dollar Homepage guy does). That way modern browsers will show the alt/title when the mouse hovers over. As it is right now, I see nothing when I leave my mouse over the ads. When the ads are that tiny, reading the little alt/title info is one of the only things that makes me want to click.

  41. Coolgirl

    When Nev sells water and makes money he gets applauded.
    That is because he’s selling the water somewhere else, and not in front of your house or your business.
    Would you say the same if you were the one who bought that bottle for $2 and later saw the post on how someone made money out of your pocket? Definitely not. That would definitely draw some -ve comments.

    What’s happening here is that Nev is selling the pixels on this site. Had he done this on a different site and then put a blog on how he made $800 by selling pixels, I bet the same anonymous people here would say “what a brilliant idea”.

    This blog is about making money. And nev is showing us another way to make money. Whats so bad about it?

  42. Anonymous

    ouch! value of the advertising drop significantly with your PR rating drop – now you’re stuck with three ugly ads and very little chance of selling the rest.

  43. Johnie


    You haven’t addressed the issue that someone else brought up. What are the terms of this agreement? How long do you keep up the ads? Is there a guarantee that it will ALWAYS be in the top right hand corner?

    Without stating this and/or have a contract defining these terms, people will be afraid to advertise with you. Secondly, it may open you up for a lawsuit for breach of contract if they feel that you had made certain guarantees.

    In addition, I think this was a bad business decision in not defining the terms. Is $30K max profit worth it over the life of the blog? You have just given away prime real estate that other advertisers may have been willing to pay more for. What happens when the site that you link to changes to redirect to porn sites or link farms? Is it within the terms of the contract to remove the link? How are you going to verify that that over the long term?

    Hey Nev, I’ve been a big supporter of you in your prior projects. But as I read more and more, one problem that I see is you have breadth but not depth in business. One of your early posts talk about whether B-School is worth it and how you just want to jump into business. If you had gone to business school, you would not be making these rookie mistakes.

    All I can say is be careful how you proceed with this and what you promise/guarantee your customers.

  44. Anonymous

    Wow…a voice of reason.

    One of the things I have always gotten on Nev about is his choice to get a degree in government “because he can”. I can’t think of a more worthless degree, particularly for someone who wants to start his own company. With all the great b-schools out there…and even the numerous programs designed just for entrepeuneurs, Nev is wasting his time.

    In addition, many of his “experiments” are 101-level class discussions. Did we really need an “experiment” to know that the lottery favors the house, or that companies don’t employ homeless people because they are unreliable?

    BTW: an experiment is used to test a hypothesis….something I have yet to see Nev formulate.

    P.S.: Nev — this is the experiment you should have run with the bums…bum-vertising!

  45. Shari Thomas

    Most interesting comments indeed.

    Nev, your idea of adding the pixel ads to your blog is a fresh twist on Alex’s original page.

    To you naysayers, hang on to your comments. will be exploiting pixel advertising to the hilt.

    Of course created by, and we bring over 14 years combined online marketing and advertising experience. Jane, Phil and I are old enough to be Alex’s grand parents but we are smart enough to take notice of what the young man has done.

    If you study Internet advertising trends you’ll find the average “image ad” has shrunk dramatically. It’s not because they don’t work, it’s because search engines demand more content.

    Smart marketers know that content brings eyeballs, and creative advertising causes those eyeballs to be attracted to the advertisers. Of course ads pay for the site.

    Watch for to go live by Friday Oct 7… we’re in pre-launch now. You can check it out on our “dummy” html site at


    Aren’t most of these pixel pages (not necessarily this page as it comes with content) nothing more than link farms disguised in another manner?

    I just can’t see a long term future for them – seems to be a one hit wonder.

  47. Anonymous

    I don’t know how you tolerate this, you should turn your comments off. I’ve learned that comments really don’t enhance a blog at all. Probably bleeds traffic rank too. There are way too many bored people out there.

  48. Shari Thomas

    Actually, Neville is on to something here by using only a small portion of his page for “pixel ads”.

    What we’re doing at is only the first generation. Remember how Google started with AdWords, and then AdSense?

    It will take a while as scripts are written, concepts are developed, campaigns are created, etc.

    What you’re seeing is the natural evolution of the Internet. Reduced but compelling advertising helping to monetize high content information sites.

    I can tell you one thing for sure, done correctly it does skyrocket your Alexa rankings.

    Shari Thomas

  49. Marcel

    Neville, I support your idea to offer pixels for sale.

    Don’t listen to the complainers and anonymous cowards.


  50. Shari Thomas

    Hello Nev,

    Ok, it’s “next generation” time… I’ve got it on good authority that that a takeover’s brewing this week…

    There’s only one place to check it out. That’s at PixelsAnyone?

    Be there or be square!
    Shari Thomas
    Mover and Shaker


    More power to you and your Pixel Square Sale, Nev. Pitty it’s not a full-fledged Pixel Advertising site, or we would have listed you on our PixelSiteLinks directory site.

    Bliss ya!

  52. Andy


    I’m Andy, moderator at

    Together with my team I have created a forum specialized in Pixel Advertising.

    You are all invited and welcomed to join and participate to the discussions and we hope that you will have a very enjoyable experience on our forum.

    Any suggestions or opinions you might have are most welcome.

    Best whishes,

  53. Shari Thomas

    It’s time to Fly Mable to Paris.

    Yes, Joe and Mable have hijacked part of the site.

    You see, Mable (aka Jane Mark) really want’s to go to Paris, so she and Joe cooked up this goofy scheme to hijack a pixel site. After all, Alex has made more than enough to fly to the US, so she figures she can make enough to fly to Paris…

    You can help Joe get her out of his hair by purchasing a few pixels. Just go here and you’ll see how to purchase.

    Shari Thomas
    part of the Pixel Posse

  54. PixelMarathon

    I wouldn’t call selling pixel ads on this blog as a ripoff of the original Million Dollar Home Page. If some site starts serving AdSense, you don’t say that it’s a ripoff of someone. The pixel ads is just another form of advertising, links to websites as in AdSense. I think that a lot of other blogs and websites will start placing pixel ads and the trend won’t fade away.

  55. Anonymous

    In the real world things change. It is important to keep your abilities dynamic. Nev – you should experiment with the pixel advertising “block” or “module” and create an all-in one module/block combo for popular CSS systems like Post-Nuke and sites like that. I bet it would be simple to implement, and people would buy it. use this one as a “breeding ground” to experiment. You have the balls to try new things. don’t let anyone get you down, and you will go far!

  56. Anonymous

    It is nice to see a pixel sale on a site not SOLEY dedicated to pixels. No one clicks on them anymore.

    However, I think days of pixels are limited as curiousity wares off.

    Good luck anyway!

  57. Mo

    Pixel Pages……fad or trend? Wish I was smart enough to know.

    However, I do think that I have found a company that will make, and
    possibly make you a LOT of money…at least in the near term.

    Check out the Alexa ratings. They are off the chart for a
    nascent company.

    Would I suggest that you put a lot of cash in here? NO, NO

    Put in a little…absolutely.

  58. Personal Finance Blogger

    I have to say I’m impressed with the amount of squares you’ve been able to sell. I would have thought this idea had run it’s course.

    I would try the same thing, but it would seem tacky to copy a copied idea… ;)

    My Personal Finance Blog

  59. Mr Kam

    Hello everyone… sign of a good business man is the ability to change and adapt to changing financial times. If Nev decided to change the no advertising rule then thats a business strategy and not a lack of spine. Watch and Learn people!

  60. Nate Diz

    Hi, I think that you had a great idea going. I wanted to do the exact same thing. I’m wondering how you got the pixel space on your blog. Where did you get this code. If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


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  62. Iphone User

    If now you are choosing to advertise on your site, this might not be the best way to do it. The Million Dollar Homepage works because once the fad is over, the site traffic will go down and the guy will be walking away with a load of cash.

    1. Austin

      Considering this post is 6 years old and the pixel ads are no longer displayed on the website, I would venture so far as to say that he’s thought about this… but I could be wrong.

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