September 2010 Goals

I’ve got my September 2010 goals ready, got yours?

I also put them on my iPhone just to make sure I carry them with me EVERYWHERE.

This month my goals are focused primarily on HouseOfRave and NevBlog.  One is a current business, one is a hobby.

Also as an unofficial health goal I’d like to schedule my ab workouts for 3 days per week again since my abs recently shrank.

Blog posted on: September 2, 2010

2 comments on “September 2010 Goals

  1. Chegepreneur

    Hello Neville

    I love the new Nevblog. Av just read the affiliate marketing experiment post & you must be the 1st genuine person I came across who actually made money via affiliate marketing. I tried it but realized the internet’s full of scammers.

    There is this one that’s called ” Success University ” & another one ” ACME People Search “

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