September 2011 Goals

New month, new goals!

Here’s mine….where are YOURS?

1.) finish and sale.
I’m about a week or two way from finishing this course about copywriting.  I’m proud that it’s turning out REALLLLLY good :-)

2.) It’s a secret ::shhhhhhhh::

3.) Re-do finance structure for personal and biz stuff.
I’m going to find a good accountant to make sure everything I’m doing now is structured correctly.   I also want this person to do my taxes because I hate doing them plus I don’t know as much as a good acct would.

P.S. Speaking of the KopyKourse, look at the feedback I got today on my previous Behind The Scenes of a Muse course thingy I did:

……I mostly bought it because it said Tim Ferris and I was curious that he was releasing paid content online. I almost returned it when you guys sent out that email, and I never watched it until yesterday.

It is some of the best quality content I’ve seen. My cofounder for P——- is going to implement a product page on our site where we’ll sell and drop ship the products that’ve been included in our sampler box. I think it’s going to really help the business along, and it is being guided by Neville’s videos entirely.

Just wanted to say thanks, and I hope everything is going well.
Alex M—–

That comment made me smile :-)
…and he actually bolded that “best quality I’ve seen” part on his own!

Blog posted on: September 1, 2011

6 comments on “September 2011 Goals

  1. Dale


    Would love to hear more on you search for an accountant. I know I need to get one soon, but so far the ones I’ve found were not very helpful or good… I asked about what I need to do now that I’m recently self-employed to make sure I get all my deductions, and they said to go buy a paper accounting notebook and call them closer to tax time. Thanks!

  2. SandpointProperties

    Funny I came to your website just now. I was just thinking about goals and particularly setting time frames. I set goals but I don’t usually give them a time frame. I think I’m going do this on a monthly basis from now on.


  3. orderchecksonline

    You sure know how to make people smile(or laugh). I’ve been looking for finance blogs all over the web and yours is very unique. It’s not boring (so obviously it’s fun to read). So I’ll keep on reading your blog from now on (“HEY. Hey you. Studies show if you don’t read everyday, you might die. “) LOL

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