September 2012 Goals

Oops….posted these a bit late. ┬áHere are the September 2012 goals:

Can’t go into detail about either right now.

Have YOU got YOUR goals planned out for this month?

Blog posted on: September 10, 2012

9 comments on “September 2012 Goals

  1. Eric Conover


    This is really a personal reach-out no matter how salesy it may seem. I saw your goal above, and I must ask “Why?” to the book agent part.

    I just got your HoR course, and truly you figured out drop-shipping before it was a “thing.” Similarly, I figured out self-publishing, and I focused my efforts on my mother’s business, which is instruction on Eating the Weeds. What? Yes. We continue to do well. See

    She started back in the 90s by getting a financial partner, who got her an agent, who got a book deal and qot her on tv and in magazines (preparing the publicity machine). She then proceeded to frustrate 5 Harmony-Crown editors over about as many years, but Mom couldn’t quite get her data to the page, and they finally parted ways. (She kept the advance, something they don’t really do much of anymore.)

    In 2000, I found a print-on-demand company online that was attached to the biggest distributor in the world, still around but bigger. I thought it was the perfect model for her niche, so I pulled together her manuscript and drawings into a book, providing the translation service that the bigtime editors couldn’t. She went another direction with a small publisher, and published in 2002 with my layout. (Yes, my own mother only believed in traditional publishing, despite my protests.)

    Due to their high costs the book was too expensive for both wholesale & retail, so nothing much happened sales-wise until I talked her into POD in 2007. (Finally!) We changed the title & cover to address her best market, and reached them through my voice talent and radio ads on 1 major radio network. Success. We’ve broadened the line since, and I produced and added a 3 hour DVD which continues to do well. (These can be self-published at relatively low cost as well! Large profits.)

    You can find all her stuff all over the net and Amazon and B&N. I’m doing the ebooks now, Epub & Kindle, but our primary market aren’t ebook users, so no rush.

    I moved on to another author in 2010, mystery writer Agata Stanford,, and we’ve done 5 books together. She just booked my January 2013 for book 6. I do the layout, the covers, the ebooks and the site, just like for mom, Linda Runyon, who you should Google, because that resulted from the books and site alone, more or less.

    I want to work with a *smart guy* next who knows marketing, and my schedule’s open. Feel free to bend my ear to at least consider the advantages of self-publishing before proceeding with that book agent. That machine, traditional publishing, doesn’t really suit your niche unless you happen to be a successful CEO or have “Dr.” appended to your name.

    Well, I’ll stop burning the pixels, but you can email me if you’d like to have a dialog- I prefer phone for discussions like this! Good luck in any event- I like you and your stuff and I’d be happy to be of any service.

    Eric Conover

    1. Neville

      I can’t go much into detail here…..but the situation for this is different.

      Most people have trouble getting a book deal….we’re having trouble picking just ONE OFFER.

      Thanks for the info though……and yes, I understand the book industry is a little backwards :-)

  2. Eric Conover

    Well, I know about the current trend of publishers signing blog authors that have a built in readership. That’s where the money is for them right now, and for cheap. But look: that very trend should show web publishers (you) that there is more money to be made by self-publishing than ever before. The traditional publishers would hate for the web publishers to figure it out at this time in the history of dead tree publishing.

    No doubt, they bring a marketing and publicity machine to the table in exchange for that big percentage. That said, we all know about the music industry. Just take what you know about musicians and record companies, then apply it to the publishing industry. The picture should come into focus.

    Yes, it would be a good deal for someone who didn’t know a thing about marketing & publicity.

    But hey, I don’t know what’s *really* going on for you. I’d just hate to be the one not to tell you about self-publishing. Keep your eyes open through it and you may consider it for your second effort.

    Now go listen to “Have a Cigar” by Pink Floyd ;-) And seriously, congrats!

    1. Neville

      We’ve looked at all options….and since I can’t explain in more detail here, the agent + publisher route is what we’re choosing. But thanks for the heads up :-)

  3. scrolldom

    I’ve been working so hard on this new project that it seems like I’ve got so many goals that it’s hard to nail them down. I think it’s time organize a list. Main goal. Find a new hosting company, who do you recommend? Congratulations on the book!


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