Server Switching

I’ve been paying for web hosting in some form or the other for about 9 years now….and every time I have to transfer from one place to another it’s a bitch.

Correction…it’s actually kind of fun because I’m generally upgrading to something faster and better, but there’s usually all sorts of fun things that go wrong.

The previous server has been acting a little funky munky lately, so all my stuff has to move (to THIS server you’re looking at now)!

It kind of got me thinking about how funny my business is (plus a lot of you other web people):



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    Blog posted on: March 22, 2010

    9 comments on “Server Switching

    1. Evans

      I totally agreed with u before u explained it’s funny. It actually is quite a bitch. Last time I switched webhosts I lost PageRank and well suffered as a result. I recon u should watch Google’s MattCutts video on what precautions to take when transferring webhosts. But I guess u r doing this since quite a long time so u shud b a guru in that.

      1. Neville

        You know what….IT WASN’T BAD!!

        I used the Plesk migration manager (went from a Unix server running Plesk to the exact same server…but different company). It took about 20 hours, but the server-to-server migration went off without a hitch!

        After I confirmed the new server was an exact image of the old one, I simply update the Host Summary on GoDaddy for (which acts as my primary DNS) and the change was complete!

        Only problem was House Of Rave had a broken checkout system I easily fixed by putting it into manual mode….that problem is nearly fixed, and fortunately it didn’t lose me any business.

        However if that Plesk migration failed…it would’ve sucked…BIG.

    2. Jonathan Ouellet


      Consider Rackspace Cloud server hosting on your next move. The advantages are huge compared to regular hosting, especially if you make a lot of changes to your site or your traffic is growing a lot. It allows you to change the amount of server power on the fly. So if you get a spike in traffic you are able to throttle the amount of resources available to you as you need them. You are also able to make clones of your live server which allows you to test changes to your site without affecting the live server. It’s pretty cheap as well, starting at $10/mo. I recently changed my website over to R.S.C. hosting and never looked back.


      1. Neville Post author


        I actually BOUGHT Rackspace Cloudhosting first, but wasn’t fully sure how evolved it was, so stuck with a normal server.

        My next server will definitely be cloud hosted!

        1. Jonathan Ouellet


          I’ve been hosting my e-commerce site ( with them for 4-5 months now and I have found their cloud hosting to be more consistent than my previous dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. I believe that cloud hosting has evolved past that minimum level of consistency threshold and is now the way to go.


          1. Neville Post author


            I recently needed a QUICK server switch due to very severe problems with my old host. Therefore it was much easier and safer for me to simply find another dedicated box with Plesk installed.

            I simply didn’t have time to fanagle around with a new type of hosting.

            I did give the Rackspace Cloud a whirl afterwards, and it was great (and unbelievably cheap)! I figured I could run EVERYTHING of mine reliably and scale-ably for around $30/month.

            I might actually port everything over in the next year.

            P.S. I like the design of SBApparel!

    3. Corey

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