Short Copy Vs. Long Copy

I was just interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy for a video course on how to improve website or email copy….

…and one of my favorite things to say when he asked the question:

“What’s better: Short copy or long copy?”

I answered with the old adage:


You should be able to see the full course on this Friday (5-6-2011).

I believe it will be 100% free for one day.

This will be really useful if you write, as it explains exactly how I made AppSumo a ton of money through emails.

Blog posted on: May 5, 2011

16 comments on “Short Copy Vs. Long Copy

  1. Dividendium

    Hey Nev,

    I think your link to AppSumo needs an “http://” in the href. It’s directing to “”, which of course doesn’t exist.

  2. John

    Great video – just watched it on AppSumo. I’ve been writing the totally wrong way and it really felt wrong and I hated writing. After watching the video I tried writing just what I think and it flowed out really easily. I’m going to try this new approach for a customer validation survey I’m emailing around and see how it does. Thanks again for the great video – really appreciate it.

    Best, John

    PS – AIDA rocks!

  3. Marc Gayle

    Loved your video with Andrew. Definitely learnt a lot.

    Out of curiosity, do you happen to have any other tips for ‘headlines’ and webapp marketing sites ?

    I love the tip about testing for social-proof by checking or any other social sites that you can search for headlines.


    1. Neville

      Hey Marc,

      Any sites that get “socially approved” headlines will work. Even headlines on gossip sites or things like usually have somewhat-tested headlines.

      Digg is my favorite, although is probably good also.

  4. Craig

    Great video, thanks for the awesome info!

    Do you happen to have that Google Doc shared? Maybe a pdf version that we can download? It is not linked to in the AppSumo page.

    If not, I’ll recreate it and share it here soon.


  5. paul

    hey neville — great site. If you’re emailing someone trying to get them to watch a promo video, do you believe it’s still more effective to lead them down to it w/ long form copy, or just a short bit and then the vid right at the top?

    1. Neville Post author

      Videos generally work better when they’re front & center (in my experience).

      Maybe write a headline like:

      “Do you hate problems cleaning up your dog’s poop?”
      This 2 minute video shows you 3 clever ways without the mess:

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