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Since 8th grade I’ve played the guitar, but I’ve never LEARNED the guitar. After a few months of basic lessons I could pick up songs from guitar tabs on the internet, but all the theory behind it was skipped over.

Same thing with piano, I can PLAY a little…but I really can’t read music all that well, or understand the theory behind it.

In my haste to just play something, I’ve effectively skipped over all the theory, and for this reason I have never progressed much beyond my skill level from the 8th grade. This bugs me because I really enjoy playing music.

Obviously I need some formal help in this area, so I’ve finally started taking guitar lessons again, but this time with a heavy emphasis on music theory, re-learning to read music and the mathematical functioning behind the guitar and piano.

Now that I’ve been playing for years, the theory behind it makes SO MUCH MORE sense than when I was a beginner. It’s def. one of those “I told you so” kind of things.

The cost of professional lessons at the Austin School of Music (I didn’t want to go with an independent teacher off CraigsList) is $105/month, which includes four, thirty minute lessons a month.

This time around, I am going to properly document what I’ve learned in each lesson. Once part of that is recording what I physically learned to play. I decided to do this in video form:

I feel this will be one of the better investments I have ever made. More of a personal investment though.


These music lessons somehow relate to the ONLY plan for the future I have:

Where ever I end up living, I want to have a music room. Meaning I want one large room with a bunch of instruments in it: basic everyday instruments as well as a collection of weird instruments from around the world.

Blog posted on: September 20, 2006

14 comments on “Signed Up For Guitar lessons

  1. Anonymous

    Some of those personal investments will be the best investments you ever make.

    Piano lessons for me paid off big time, although I didn’t know it when I was a kid.

    By the way, the camera view on that video is crazy!

  2. nixforsix

    I’ve found myself drifting back and forth from just strumming songs I already know and actually trying to learn new stuff on the guitar and actually get better. Try out . There is a bunch of stuff hidden in their video lessons about scales, music theory, etc. Plus you can email the guy who teaches the lessons, Peter, with questions about stuff you don’t understand.

  3. Flexo

    Good job with the 12-bar blues. Guitar lessons can be one of the best investments in personal development you can make. Good luck with it!

    I’d suggest getting some blues collections (recordings) and finding some songs to play along with. 12-bar blues in E, which you learned and recorded for this post, can be played on top of a good portion of traditional blues songs.

    As you learn more chords, you’re going to find it really easy and satisfying to be able to play with more songs…

  4. J

    You probably could have got $10 lessons somewhere near your campus, or taken an informal class for less.

    However I will agree that sometimes it’s best to let a pro teach you. Hopefully your guitar instructor has studied music properly. Anyhow, good luck with your musical progression!!

  5. saites2001

    If you can get over here infomercia-ish website, this woman’s improv course is pretty good. You could sign up for her newsletter and check out what her lessons are like before you actually buy the set.

    It’s helped my improv, but you’ll probably need to know some basic theory (like you’re learning) and the scales, but she is pretty explanitory.

    Nice site. Though I don’t really see what this has to do with financial stuff.

  6. Jeff Plumb

    Congratulaions on signing up for the guitar lessons. I think that it is really important to spend some money on yourself from time to time. Life is too short not to have fun and do the things you want. I think that this shows that you can still achieve financial success and enjoy yourself all at the same time.


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