Six Pack Experiment – Day 20 Update

So just 20 days into this Getting A Six Pack Experiment I’m down about 12 pounds and up in muscle (especially in the abs).

These pictures don’t do it justice, but when flexed the six-pack is definitely coming in nicely…it’s starting to poke its head out!

Not bad for 20 days!

My abs are definitely stronger and harder than they’ve ever been.  When I press against them they’re completely solid.  The top part of the abs have also developed for the first time, and I’m seeing “new” muscle I’ve previously never seen before!

Pretty cool what just a few simple exercises and STICKING with my healthy eating plan can do in just 3 weeks.

Blog posted on: April 21, 2010

6 comments on “Six Pack Experiment – Day 20 Update

    1. Neville Post author


      Yes, it’s VERY much working…and it’s not necessarily a diet…it’s more a lifestyle.

      Diets don’t work because they are temporary. I’ve (with the help of Adam) shifted the way I look at eating and food. It’s MUCH more helpful than a simple little “Diet”.


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