Small Side Business:

To make extra money I’ve always designed websites. Now that I’m done with final exams for the week, I can concentrate on Resumite Personal Websites (I have set a goal to launch in on December 15th).

I try to start small businesses all the time. Since I’m a full time student, I look for businesses with low/no overhead, low entry costs, flexible hours and good returns for my time. My first real business from high school still brings in more money than my job, and I spend less than 20 minutes a day on it. For Resumite, I decided to do a different take on standard website design because it is a very saturated field. Resumite will be a simple business to start, and 100% profit (especially since I already own a dedicated server for hosting). All I need to do is market around campus and online.

-About Resumite-

-Personal Resume Websites (Resume + Website = Resumite)

-Users can have their own website to put on their resumes and business cards.

-Price: $50 for basic package. Includes 1 year hosting, domain registration and a choice of sample sites.

Check it out – It is still in the construction phase.