Small Update

I had a goal of setting up a third, steady side income by 3.15.2005. Obviously that goal was due yesterday and I haven’t set up anything new. My asnwer to that is to rejuvinate my efforts with I see a lot of potential in this market towards the end of this school semester when people will be actively searching for jobs.

When I go back to Austin on Sunday, I will have a new 4-bedroom apartment waiting across the hall from my existing 2-bedroom thanks to the efforts of my roommate. He somehow managed to get our apartment upgraded without any moving fees!

On Thursday I will be attending a Zarthusti Chamber of Commerce meeting. Many memebers of the Zoroastrian community (I am Zoroastrian) are very well established in the business world, and it is nice to network and listen to what they have to say.

Blog posted on: March 17, 2005

3 comments on “Small Update

  1. Neville

    I am a Parsi Zoroastrian. There are Zoroastrians from India/Pakistan and Zoroastrians from Iran. The one’s from Iran are called “Iranians” and the one’s from India are called “Parsi’s”

    Generally the two groups do not mingle as much because we speak different languages, look different and eat different food. It’s almost like we are completely different except for our religion, which both groups practice differently!

  2. Johnny

    Hey Neville, your online business seems to be doing really well as a side income and with minimal effort. Why aren’t you just duplicating everything that you’ve already learned and building more of these types of businesses?


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