Starbucks Liquor and Updates

Here are two of my favorite Starbucks Liquor Recipes:

Basic Starbucks Liquor Drink:

Ingredients: Starbucks Liquor and Milk.
Equipment: Shaker, shot glass, pouring glass.

–Step 1–
Get your supplies: Starbucks Liquor, milk, ice and a shaker. You will also need a shot glass and a pouring glass.

–Step 2–
Mix 1 part milk and 1 part Starbucks Liquor into a shaker. Add ice and shake.

–Step 3–
Slowly pour into glass.

–Step 4–

Starbucks Liquor Frappuccino
Ingredients: Starbucks Liquor, Milk, Ice.
Equipment: Blender, shot glass, pouring glass.

–Step 1–
Put a handful of ice into the blender.

–Step 2–
Pour 2 parts Starbucks Liquor and 1 part milk in to the ice-filled blender.

–Step 3–
Blend until ice is broken up and blended.

–Step 4–
Pour into glass.

–Step 5–
Enjoy or decorate! You can add whipped cream, caramel or chocolate like Starbucks does. I chose to add some chocolate syrup in the shape of an “N”

Enjoy your drink!

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Blog posted on: February 18, 2005

22 comments on “Starbucks Liquor and Updates

  1. s&c

    I just launched a contest on my website where the winners get a $5 dollar Starbucks gift card. I was thinking, it would get them the coffee drink of their choice and some change. I hadn’t anticipated this…

    Click HERE to go there…

  2. Anonymous

    What a great smooth after dinner liquer! I tried it at room temperature in a brandy glass. Just delightful, and today I purchased a bottle.

  3. Michael's Wife (It's Your Money: Money Musings)

    Michael just e-mailed a link for this post to me. Maybe a month or so I strongly mentioned that it looked really good. I shoved the magazine ad under his nose, so that he’d HAVE to notice. (I felt kind of like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, strategically leaving hints around the house)

    He bought a bottle for me, and I really like it. Maybe almost as my Godiva Cappuccino Liqueur. Mmmmmm . . . I can drink the Godiva straight, but find the Starbucks a bit too sweet for that.

    Suddenly I have a craving for Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream with some Starbucks liqueur drizzled over the top. Maybe after dinner!


  4. Anonymous

    really please what are the ingredients?
    all of them
    i would really like to know if it is vegan?

  5. Jeremy

    My friend – try the Seattle Manhattan. Make a regular Manhattan, add a 2 count pour of the starbucks and man do you have one tasty beverage.

  6. Amanda

    This one can’t possibly be as good as the one above, because it doesn’t have a cool picture of you giving the “thumbs up” with a half-empty glass. :D

  7. clarkkent2

    Dude… I made this to your exact instructions… exactly. And, it all exploded, and my kitchen started on fire. This is some powerfull drinks we are talking here. That’s ok, because I am due for a kitchen upgrade anyway.

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  9. Jason

    This is amazing, i should have try this as soon as I can. I am excited to what its taste would be. I hope it really taste good. Thanks for sharing this idea on this blog. More mixes in the future.

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