Blog posted on: November 10, 2009

10 comments on “Start the day

  1. 亞特

    Remember the "World's Most Dangerous Battery" viral video?
    Here is another viral video for the "World's SAFEST Battery".
    They pierced through a real battery to cause a huge explosion.
    Among mobile phone batteries, notebook batteries,
    there is only one battery that doesn't explode…… Watch this:

  2. kenyantykoon

    we all have our little vices. But yours is a little out of the norm. i have never heard of such a mixture in a morning

  3. Neville

    Other than the 3 cups of black coffee it doesn't sound so bad!

    I generally try to eat mainly fruit all morning and afternoon.

  4. Mystery Man

    Nev, that is a funny looking coconut. Anyway, are you able to get good ones here in the USA? I went on vacation to Hawaii and they have coconuts which were fresh off the tree and they were absolutely delicious. When I got back to Washington where I live, the coconuts I bought were pretty nasty by comparison.

  5. Neville

    The coconut is a standard green-on-the-outside coconut, but they're IMPOSSIBLE to open without some skill and a machete…so they grind them down into a that shape. All you need is a big knife and a couple of well placed whacks and it pops open.

    There's a ton of coconut water inside I drink with a straw, then I scrape out the inside with a spoon and eat. It's delicious and very filling! Try getting them at Whole Foods.

    Don't buy the brown/hairy coconuts…they're not the same thing.

  6. Van

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