Staying Organized

I have a lot on my plate right now, and managing time has been getting a bit difficult. Since I am frequent user of my tablet PC, it’s the perfect place to keep my to-do list.

Here is what my computer desktop currently looks like:

I made a wallpaper (download it) with a “Today” section and “This Week” section and used it in conjunction with AT Notes, a very efficient and free program that lets you put “Sticky Notes” on your desktop (The program was brought to my attention from TheKirkReport).
I’ve been using this system for a week or so, and it has been very effective so far.

I know what must be done everyday, but managing my time is difficult for me. To solve this problem, I bought this little egg timer.

Now I can set one hour for reading school work, the next hour for business, then another hour of school work etc.
Once the bell rings, I move onto the next thing on my agenda. The timer works well at work.

I also bought this big dry erase board to keep track of business projects. This way I can see the most important tasks on my agenda in one place. I hung it above my desk.

Hopefully this will make it slightly easier to manage my time between business stuff and school.


Blog posted on: July 20, 2005

11 comments on “Staying Organized

  1. Anonymous

    Impressive INITIAL start. Give it a few weeks and see if you’ve still got the drive to manage your time that well. You didn’t answer my question on your last post about the Honda CBR600RR purchase. Why are you holding back?

  2. Neville


    I’m currently not in the market for a motorcycle. I really don’t need one right now. I know myself well, and I will undoubtedly kill myself if given a racing motorcycle as everyday transportation.

    I got my motorcycle license just for the fun of it. I already knew how to ride, but with the “M” on my license, I can LEGALLY ride friends bikes every once in a while.

    I also have to consider the feelings of others before buying a motorcycle. At this point in my life, buying a motorcycle would give my parents a heart attack.


  3. jim

    Whiteboards are awesome, I’m tempted to turn a wall in my house into a huge whiteboard. The egg timer is a little unnecessary I think and you might find it “better” to use the calender and task list in Outlook (i’m sure you can find a version to download), because with it being in Outlook you have a history.

  4. Neville


    Yes, my server has been down (For the most part) for 3 days.

    Had some major revamps of the server recently.

    It should be ok now…hopefully.


  5. Mike

    Do you host the site yourself? I would be interested in reading about it sometime. Somelike self-hosting vs. company hosting.

  6. Anonymous

    Egg timer? Grief!!!!! One hour for studying and one for business, one hour for studying…. Does it work? What if you start really getting into it? Then buzz. Then you move on. An hour later you start from scratch (pun intended). You seem a bit all over the place, bits and pieces and nothing of substance.

  7. Rich

    You should consider using this product
    called BackPack:

    I’ve been using it for a while, it totally helps keep you organized. It’s flexible, free, and easy to use.

    Note: I just notcied that the above may seem like Blog Spam. Trust me, it’s not. I really do like the product. Plus, the builders have an entrepreneurial spirit you would appreciate.

  8. Jonathan

    I personally like the egg timer idea. I am going to use a stopwatch instead, because I don’t want any noise from the timer…

  9. Alexander

    GREAT!! I love the wallpaper + ATnotes idea. I have been using it quite successfully on my laptop.

    Appreciate the idea!

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