Steve Balmer Video – Enthusiasm & Body Language

There is a short video clip of Steve Balmer, the billionaire CEO of Microsoft, which has been out for a while now, but I find myself watching it everyday.

To get people motivated, you have to lead by example, and this guy DOES IT. This is a famous video from a Microsoft company meeting where he comes out screaming and jumping with unsurpassed energy, apparently he pulls stuff like this at all the speeches he makes…I love CRAZY business people!

If a guy 30 years older than me can show THAT much enthusiasm (or insanity) for what he does, as a 23 years old with all the opportunity in the world, what am I doing?

While looking up some more videos of Steve Balmer, I found some interviews with him by Robert Scoble:

(Video Link)

I was again enthralled with Balmers enthusiasm, but I picked up something else from this video….by watching it on mute. He NEVER crosses his hands or hides them, and he frequently uses them in combination with his speech in a very animated manner. Interesting.

Note to self:
Start working on developing better body language and becoming more energetic.

Blog posted on: February 17, 2006

21 comments on “Steve Balmer Video – Enthusiasm & Body Language

  1. Cap

    oh man, I’m sure its crazy exciting being there live, with the CEO of your company going wild..

    but watching it on video is a bit scary. hmm.

    I think I like Steve Job’s angle better, heh

  2. Jay's Financial Blog

    I agree with Cap. He almost acts like a spoil school girl. I too like Steve jobs approch better — innovative…calm…incredible leader. Steve Bulmer…is nutty…can you really respect him as a leader?

  3. Anonymous

    I like the interview. Ballmer is a dynamic, effective communicator. I think the challenge is to improve one’s communication style while still remaining true to oneself.

  4. How To Be Poor

    This guy is absolutely nuts. He’s like Howard Dean times 10,000. Only HD is cool.

    “I love this company?” Yeah, whatever, dude. Next time break your Yellow Jackets in half.

  5. Dave

    I think this guy is smart. It’s a marmite situation, you either love him or hate him. I think his enthusiasm is something to admire, even if you don’t like his style. If everyone attampting to motivate thier staff was as enthusiastic as him they would do much better!

  6. Anonymous

    he’s had surgery on his vocal chords more than once due to yelling too much at work. if you really look up to him, you’re insane.

  7. Manny

    LMAO, I remember seeing that like 3 days before you did. I couldn’t believe it. He looks like a serious guy in pictures.

    I don’t really see you as the crazy, loud type. To pull that off, you have to have some sort of credentials, or people will think you have screws loose.

    Thats like walking into your nearest Bank of America and yelling “DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS, DEPOSITS!”

    That’s insane. LOL.

  8. Anonymous

    Neville, I’m very worried about you. Balmer is clearly psychotic. His little display of “emotion” was fake, of course. Google this: “shallow affect psychosis”. Balmer is a fat, ugly, sclerotic thug who implements unfair business practices for that other psychotic, Bill Gates.

    Now Neville, you don’t really want to grow up to prosper by exhibiting shallow affect, do you?

  9. Anonymous

    What a tool.

    What could Balmer possibly be this excited about? Announcing all new features like tabbed browsing or widgets? Ya, I didnt think so.

  10. sam

    I think Richard Branson is a much better example for raw enthusiasm. Have you ever seen him without a grin on his face doing something he loves?

    Honest enthusiasm is infectious, and that’s the better method than the shove-it-down-your-thoat type.

  11. Anonymous

    Its a stunt, I am sure other CEOs are rolling their eyes when they see his interviews. But I guess it has its affect.

    Whats this guys salary+bonus anyway? Are you excited now?

    Don’t EVER sell out.

  12. Stephen Petit

    Sam’s right: Branson. Among his secrets to success:

    Stay casual.
    Haggle: everything is negotiable.
    Have fun working.
    Smile for the cameras!
    Don’t lead “sheep”, herd “cats”.
    Be a common, regular person.

    Ballmer would motivate me to move in order to avoid being run over. Branson would motivate me to move because — well, I never thought I’d describe myself as a cat, but it’s an apt description.

  13. Craig

    I have a feeling from the interview that disagreeing with this “evangelist” would cause you too be tried as a heretic.
    How does that promote outside-the-box thinking?
    I enjoy the energy, but there’s something not quite right about the attitude. You know how when a sales person talks really fast, is excited and agressive you get the feeling that you’re being scammed?
    I think that it’s a form of violence to yell at computer programmers like that. A person who spends 12 hour days writing code, really doesn’t need someone yelling about how if you’re not enthusiastic about the company you can go home. If I was awake, I would ask him to play a game of chess or quote something to him from Soren Keirkegaard. If I was tired, I’d probably either cry or laugh at him and then ask him what he thinks of apple.

  14. uli

    Look up to him? Sure, cause he’s on the stage and you’re below.
    But what’s that enthusiasm thing?
    It’s become something like a fashion to try and push people up, but lately people have become sort of used to screaming executives. The next time a really enthusiastic CEO will probably have to enter the stage with a chain sawif he wants to offer something new.

    Really, if your boss acts like the Hulk for a minute in the best case he’ll give you an adrenaline buzz, but it takes a lot more to motivate your employees and get them involved.


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