Stock Market Fluctuations & Water

Yesterday morning I got a pleasant surprise as Dynegy (DYN) was up 12% in my portfolio after a steady, downward decline.

After learning to be patient with my portfolio, it has really paid off. Dynegy has for example has earned me a 25% profit at times and put me in a 30% loss at times….but that’s in the short term. I won’t even bother explaining why long term holding makes a lot of sense, I’ll let Ramit Sethi from “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” do all the work.

Water Experiment Update:

After going home for Mother’s Day this weekend (I actually forgot to bring any clothes to Houston!), I found Barry yesterday and loaded him up with the remaining 60 bottles of unsold water.

Once we unloaded the water from my trunk, the sky became dark and the air became cool. Not good for selling water. Needless to say, sales were extremely low, and we rescheduled the selling.

Despite the results, Barry was still optimistic about upcoming hot, summer days:

So far, this bottled water thing is NOT going how I expected. But with the low sales aside, you’ve got to appreciate the fact his shirt says “Water $1” and then “Captain Morgan“!

Roadside liquor sales?? Now THAT’S a good idea!