Stock Portfolio & Lottery

So I am going ahead with my plan to buy $100 worth of $1 scratch-off lottery tickets to test the averages. I will take pictures and tabulate the results by the end of this week.

My total net worth has slipped a little as my Ameritrade portfolio has been under some stress lately. These are all longterm holdings, so no selling is in sight (except maybe Syntel). Check it out:

Dynegy (DYN) – Just a few weeks ago I went up to a nice profit from a 25% loss, but it’s all slipping back now. This stock will be held onto for approx. 5 years.

Fortune Brands (FO) – Has steadily moved between a 6% and 11% gain since I bought it. I personally idolize this company for its diverse array of subsidiaries. Check out some of their well-known brands: Fortune Brands Website.

General Electric (GE) – A pretty stable stock that I plan to keep forever. I doubt this stock will go anywhere fast, up or down. It’s meant to be the “rock” of my portfolio.

Syntel (SYNT) – They are issuing a $1.50 per share dividend on March 31st which will add up to a nice $270 infusion into my account. If the stock hits above $25 I will sell. I have made money on this stock in the past.

Over the years I have finally taught myself to remove all emotion from stocks. Whether they are up or down for the day, I don’t even flinch. As I plan to hold these for many years, small changes no longer interest me. My heart used to speed up everytime I would log in to check my sotcks, I have finally developed a thick skin!

Blog posted on: March 23, 2005

3 comments on “Stock Portfolio & Lottery

  1. jim

    You should do it “live”! Like scratch off ten tickets and post the results and pictures of any “big” winnings ($10+). I want to reap the benefits without actually paying. Haha. :)

  2. Neville

    hahha…good suggestion. I will probably not that as I want all the excitment to myself (and whatever lucky soul who gets to help me scratch all those tickets!)

    I’m sure after scratching 20 tickets or so I will get tired of it…..unless I keep winning!

    Anyways, I’m excited about this “project” and will get on it ASAP! You know….for the good of the investment community ;-)

  3. Cap

    if u ever consider some other long term investing.. the current ETF offerings seem to be a pretty good idea for some people too.

    lol the 100 scratch off sounds fun. if not a bit crazy. its not a whole lot of money but $100 can still buy me 20 happy meals :)


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