Stock Portfolio Update

I am at a loss in my longterm portfolio right now. Just a few months ago I had a nice profit, but things went awry for the Syntel (SYNT) and Dynegy (DYN) stocks. I’m not worried, because I’m holding all of these (except for Syntel) for 3+ years.

Here is a snapshot as of 01-24-2005 of my longterm portfolio:

Blog posted on: January 24, 2005

One comment on “Stock Portfolio Update

  1. Anonymous

    You should track a “benchmark” return along with your portfolio. Pretend as if you had bought equal amounts of a representative index fund at each point in time that you purchased your stock positions.

    If gives you a bit of reality as to whether or not you should be buying stocks in the first place. If you stay above your “index”, then you are doing well. If you stay below it over a long period of time (few years), then perhaps adjust your investing style or use index funds instead.



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