Stock update

Today I bought 45 shares of Jabil Circuit Inc (JBL) at $25.83 a share. I put some money on them because they provide the inner workings of today’s modern gizmos…not to mention they were reporting earnings today.

Jabil Circuit Inc. reported after the market closed that sales rose 21% and earnnings climbed 32% for the quarter. Earnings estimates were beat by $.01, not much, but this makes them ripe for a slow advance during the holiday season. Hopefully I can get a nice 8 or 10% gain during the next few days.

45 shares JBL @ $25.83 = $1162.35

Shares of JBL must rise to $27.90 for me to get an 8% gain.

Blog posted on: December 20, 2004

2 comments on “Stock update

  1. Jonathan

    … and JBL still dropped over 3% in after-hours trading – I simply don’t get short-term stock market prices. Do you have a target sell price, or are you buying and holding?

  2. Neville

    I sold JBL after I noticed it went down in after-hours trading. Though it exceeded expectations, it was only by $.01 and the future outlook was mediocre. I lost $40 on the entire trade.

    Although I think JBL will grow longterm, it wasn’t a company I wanted to be a part of for the longterm.


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