Study Posters Business Idea

I came up with a new business idea while talking to a law school student. I got excited about the idea, but then realized I have entirely too much on my plate to pursue it.

Well, to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, I’ll give it away:

Study Posters. The domain is even available to the first person who goes to and spends $9 on it……

…..Talking to a law school friend studying for her bar exam, she showed me an elaborate flow chart she made containing much of the necessary information needed for the exam. The chart was about half the size of a large poster board, and packed to the brim with tiny, neatly sorted, color-coded handwriting.

I thought to myself: “How cool would it be to computerize that flowchart, and make a giant poster of it??” You could sell these posters to law school students, or better yet, SCHOOLS or TEST PREPERATION CENTERS. Students could put them in their rooms and see them every morning and every night….perhaps like this:

Law school students spend $2,000 – $5,000 on preparation courses, and having a giant poster of some critical information to view each morning and night would be a GOLDEN idea.

They have these posters for medical memorization already, but they can also be applied for:
-Law school students taking Bar exam
-Prospective law school students taking LSAT
-Students taking medical MCAT
-High school students taking SAT/ACT etc.
-Sell posters with Javascript commands for programmers
-Common Spanish verbs for Spanish students
-Common math equations for calculus students
-Specialty professions and beyond.

…..just go wild with possibilities. The cool part is, all this information you will put on the posters is free…but you might want to pay someone who specializes in the field to give you input on what would be useful to themselves and their colleauges.

I think the big money in this idea would be selling large quantities to schools, colleges, test preparation centers and companies. Thanks to the internet however, individual sales can be extremely profitable.

Hopefully someone runs with this idea. It would be a great 1st business.
Good Luck!

Blog posted on: July 22, 2005

29 comments on “Study Posters Business Idea

  1. Anonymous

    Do you ever have an idea that is purely yours? I see you snatching ideas left and right.
    You seem to be doing it all and nothing well. Stick with one good idea and move on already.

  2. The Dividend Guy

    Wow…anonymous is a bitter person. Oh well, nothing wrong with dreaming.

    Good idea anyway. I used something similar going through my MBA to drive concepts into my brain. Not sure if I would pay for it though. Part of the learning was actually preparing the stuff I put up on my bathroom mirror.

    The Dividend Guy

  3. Anonymous

    Well, I would not buy such a product thus it’s not a ‘business’ idea for me, if it is an idea at all.

  4. Anonymous

    I really hope you get a job Nev…cause these ideas are not going to bring in shit money. I really have not heard you come up with one good, solid idea (other than blowing all of your money on lottery tickets).
    At least you try and haven’t lost confidence.

  5. Neville

    Anon 1,
    Two words: Bill Gates.
    “…stick with one good idea.”
    Where is the fun in that? If you knew me, which you don’t, you would know that I can’t STAND having only ONE thing on my plate at a time.

    The Dividend Guy,
    The idea is basically a marketing game. The idea has been done before in the medical field. Doctors have all sorts of posters of the anatomy in their offices, why not lawyers, engineers etc? I too put stuff on my bathroom mirror, but more directed towards quotes. Hope you reach your $300,000 soon!

    Anon 2,
    You’re just jealous that I got to scratch 100 lottery tickets :-)


  6. David Vetter

    Hey Nev, I love your energy and enthusiasm shown through your site.

    I did a WhoIs search on GoDaddy for and it seems a Mr. Tim Young from took your advice and registered the domain almost immediately after you posted your idea!! Seems your site has a very strong impact.

    To the disgruntled Anonymous poster: THAT is why Nev doesn’t post golden ideas he will carry out himself.

    I wish you could post the businesses you are working on under non-disclosure, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of a non-disclosure agreement!

    Keep up the great work Nev. You’ve inspired me to constantly keep my mind open to new business ideas and to plot out my goals.


  7. Tim Young

    I am actually that Mr. Tim Young who registered the domain shortly after reading Nev’s post.

    A couple years ago while studying for my GMATs I made large posters and affixed them to my walls with crucial material. At the time I thought it would be great if my on-campus bookstore had actually sold these.

    When I read Nev’s post I had an instant flashback and decided to act upon the idea this time.

    Nev – thanks for the reminder and I will be putting the domain to good use.

    Being a successful entrepreneur myself, I am sponsoring a group of students at the Univ. of Arizona (Eller B-School, a great entrepreneurial school) where this startup ( will be their senior project.

    We have been working on startup ideas all summer and we decided on this one for a number of reasons.

    We plan to launch a comprehensive blog following the entire startup process shortly. Over the next few months the students are planning to get leading members of the faculty on board as consultants and also create a student representative program for college students on campuses across the country.

    We have lots more planned and I am very excited to be mentoring students with this great concept.

    Thanks Nev again – we will make sure to keep you posted on the developments.

    1. Gagan


      I think its long time you put this comment. Just curious to know how well the study posters idea materialized? I am working on similar idea for Indian market but more of hobby than business. It would be great to hear from you on learning and experience in pursing the idea.

      – Gagan

  8. Neville


    While a kind mention somewhere down the line from Tim would be nice, it is by no means REQUIRED.

    I GAVE the idea away to the public domain…in fact I encouraged someone to carry out the idea.

    If I kept the idea to myself and never carried it out, it would be worth $0.00.

    Thanks to Tim and his team of entrepreneurs, the idea will now be worth something, and help out various students (Or whoever they decide to market to).

    I’m very anxious to see how they will do, and look forward to seeing their progress!


  9. Tim Young

    Anonymous –

    Just a few thoughts regarding the points you raise behind the veil of anonymity.

    As many highly regarded members of the “entrepreneurial community” have stated over the years, “there are no more truly original ideas.”

    Yes it is true that Nev came up with this idea. But I think you are failing to acknowledge some key points.

    First, Nev willingly “shared” this idea with the world – if he was serious about acting upon it, perhaps he would have keep it to himself until it was time to unveil it to the world. Second, he stated that he hoped someone would take the idea and run with it. Finally, if I had any devious intentions I wouldn’t have made such an open and honest comment in response. Mind you, I am posting openly whereas you on the other hand lob misinformed criticism under “anonymous”.

    Although this idea is a good one, I’m sure by no means is Nev actually the first one to have thought of it. Let’s not forget that there are many teaching/school supply stores that offer similar products for classrooms and school faculty. Obviously this endeavor hopes to tap other markets (students, tutoring facilities, etc).

    I myself have no intention of “stealing” Nev’s idea nor do I have any other ulterior motive other than to guide and mentor students as they create their first business. Through this project hopefully they can apply four years of schooling while working effectively in a team environment.

    Although many details of the project are still in formation, we do plan to have a company history section highlighting that it is a business run by students for students. In addition we also plan on providing a link back to Nev’s site and noting that the company started that night after reading this post.

    Finally you state that we should give 50% back to Nev for his idea.

    Here is something I learned shortly after starting my first company.

    Anyone can come up with a great idea for a startup, but it is the execution and people behind the company that directly determine its success.

    I thank Nev for the idea but ultimately the success of will be determined by the students’ dedication and execution.

  10. Anonymous

    Mr Young,

    :-). I just wanted to see how you (and Nev) would react to what I said – I was hoping you would give credit where it is due, though that is certainly none of my business. In any case, you seem to be a very qualified person for the task, so best wishes!

    PS: Since you made a comment about my posting under “anonymity”, if it would help you in any way, my name is Mark Anthony.

    Have a ball.

  11. Anonymous

    Tim Young, if it is an “execution that counts”, how can Nev ever execute ANYTHING when he spends what seems like endless hours exploring ideas others have already ran with, explored, talked about? After that, Nev spends his sweet time posting these “copycat ideas” here for all the clueless yahoos here to admire and fall on their asses uuuuh & aaaahing. Give me a break.

    Most clever folks I know brainstormed, picked an idea and worked on it quite intensely for some time to carry it thru. Then they moved on to a new idea. I see Nev, as doing everything and nothing well. Spreading himself too thin. Oh, yeah, I know Nev’s big idea is a BIG, BIG secret. Maybe becuase there really is not one. Otherwise Nev would be way to busy to worry about others’ ideas, given Nev is in school and all. Selling gloating trinckets on the web? Please, spare me.

    And you are wrong, once in a while there is a BIG, brand new concept that changes everything and there will be one again.

  12. Tim Young

    My comments weren’t directed at Nev and his execution (past or present), but rather that Nev provided an “idea” and just an idea – he did not build a business (around posters).

    When discussing execution, I stated that the success of StudyPosters will be determined by how the team of students execute the idea. It had nothing to do with Nev.

    My previous posts haven’t critqued Nev at all (positive or negative).

    I think more students should do what Nev is doing. He is experimenting and learning while he can afford to as a student. There is nothing wrong with that.

    If you don’t like Nev’s blog then don’t visit it. Don’t waste your life flaming people anonymously.

  13. Nagita

    Not meant to discourage anyone but most of the notes I made would probably be different depending on the teacher, school etc. Course content depends a lot on the instructor unless you cover very general topics.

    However Law may be different because it is ‘Law’ and there are very specific topics. I am unsure about eng and medicine …

  14. Anonymous

    I have been thinking along the same lines as the previous poster. In addition, I admit that somebody else’s notes and charts never worked for me. Thus I believe such charts have a limited scope of utility and are not suitable for a mass production and are good for a few dollars only. JMHO

  15. buelly

    Damn that’s a good idea, wish I got the domain first! I’d probably buy the domain and just sit on it without any action, so I guess it’s better that Tim Young snapped it up so quickly.

    Hey Tim, make sure you post a comment on Nev’s blog directing everyone else to your progress blog…I’m curious to see how it all goes!

  16. Tim

    I think there will always be new, original ideas as long as technology progresses and our society changes.

    I any case, I thought the idea was great. Should have read this when it came out… :)

    Like Usher sang, “Pop ya collar, don’t let what people say bother you.”

  17. Anonymous

    That’s is a good idea- especially if you’re a college student. Market them for specific majors (communications, nursing, dance…) I don’t know how you would print those, but if you can make each poster for about $3 with hardly any overhead and sell the posters at anywhere from $5-$10….


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