Sumo Dojo – Answering Startup Questions

Noah and I answer some questions people have about Startup bid-naz’s.  Some of the questions:

  • “I’m trying to start a company….what are the TOOLS I need?”
  • “I work 18 hours a day on my startup, and I still haven’t made money.  Am I doing something wrong?”
  • “When should I QUIT a project I’m working on?”
  • “Do I need a webpage, a Facebook page AND a Twitter for my business??”
  • “What do you think of Startup Weekends (where everyone gets together and builds a business in a weekend)?”
  • “Where can you find ideas for businesses?”
Let us know if YOU have questions on anything, and we’ll answer them :-)

Blog posted on: January 6, 2012

5 comments on “Sumo Dojo – Answering Startup Questions

  1. Dudi

    Good stuff mate. Really enjoy these videos. You gave me a good idea – about to start working on a new startup idea. I WAS going to build a website (myself) which would take me a day or two. Instead, I’m going to test the concept using only a google docs form!

    Good inspiration.

    1. Dividendium

      In the video, I think Noah mentioned setting a 30 day goal to hit some particular important metric to your given business. And then if you don’t hit that goal, honestly evaluate if your startup is really pursuing a good market and actually has a chance of being successful.

  2. angela

    im interested in the team that built appsumo for 60 bucks. can you share who done. im sick of my life and just want to start something.


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