SUMO DOJO – Hiring People To Make You Better (and PAYING for it)

STEP 1.) Place camera in very precarious position on a ledge surrounded by hot tub on one side, and pool on the other.

STEP 2.) Start filming a video in a hot tub with other people in it….and pretend to ignore them.

STEP 3.) Film a Sumo Dojo about hiring tutors for yourself….and why you should PAY for it!


P.S.  Apologies to the couple inside the hot tub who DID NOT enjoy a romantic dip thanks to us :-)

Blog posted on: March 23, 2012

9 comments on “SUMO DOJO – Hiring People To Make You Better (and PAYING for it)

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    I really like the idea of “if I pay someone I gotta make sure that I make some profit or benefit for me out of the things I learned.

    You’re so more likely to get your ass up and finally start doing the things you gotta do if you paid someone to kinda tell you that.

    Neville, that understanding is…really pretty mind-blowing for me! I think it will definitely change how I deal with certain things in the future.

    It’s more or less a guide to make sure you do your stuff!


    1. Neville

      It’s true!

      I have a ton of free ebooks and whitepapers and “reports” and shit I never read.

      But I sure as hell read/watch the stuff I pay for!

      1. Arik Ermshaus

        It was the same thing with your KOPYWRITING KOURSE.

        When I bought it I had to take money from my “investment money” and I hate to take that money because I worked hard for it…

        HOWEVER, when I saw the course I was just fucking blown away and it brought so much value to me…I earn more money through freelancing, my ebook sells better, I can convince people better, my blog posts are better!

        It’s like worth it 100 times…and in future probably even 1.000 times. And I did even watch the course like 3 times to really get everything outta it!

  2. Ray M.

    Hey Nev! Just wanted to say thanks for that Fat Sumo interview with MutualMobile! I know his mindset all to well ahaha, it’s nice to see such a relatable interview. Can’t wait for your validation e-mails.

    Have a kick ass weekend.

    1. Neville

      Thanks man!

      Mickey is a pretty stand-up dude…..I personally believe he will be someone who impacts the world in a big way…

      ….yet he started out as a simple wantrepreneur like all of us. It’s good to know you can learn & grow :-)

  3. Leo Tabibzadegan

    Great Vid! Salsa is tough (and embarassing when you suck as much as i do). Maybe I should record lessons with my salsa instructor on my iPhone, package it nicely and then forward it to appsumo as a freemium? Just a thought! :D

    Anyhoo. Do you think the interweb in 2012 is slowly killing the archaic school system most of us have been a part of?

    I mean, I way rather find a guru on craigslist and get the specifics I need for the lifestyle I want (from someone who is living and breathing it!) vs. traditional cookie cutter crap schools feed us.

    Like… Write 3000 words about Florence Nightengale (some nurse who did great things).

    It’s interesting. I can’t wait to see how the web changes the world for generations to come!

    1. Neville

      I think there’s plenty room for both.

      …and I must admit, even though there were things in high school and college I probably will never use….I’d never even KNOW those things existed had I not taken classes.

      I liked parts school. Not all of it.
      I like parts of stuff I can find online…..not all of it.

  4. Sherif

    Dude. Tell Noah to take the Salsa classes. One of the best things I’ve ever done … Sooo much fun. It’s the kinda thing that you really start to enjoy once you’ve stuck with it at least for a few months and spent some time practicing. You have to be ok with sucking at it at first … which I’m totally ok with. ’cause you get good fast if you practice.

    I’ll tell you something though, about paying for something motivating you. I signed up for FREE Udacity classes (, and was all gung-ho about learning the stuff because it was an opportunity for really high quality FREE Stanford-level material, and the opportunity was time-limited (I had to finish the class material each week by a certain deadline, etc.). I was actually kicking my own butt to make sure to faithfully try each programming assignment.

    I guess I’m saying that if free stuff is really good, you’ll get hooked – and it pays for the person who provides it (in a different way). I’ll tell you what though – free stuff that’s not much more than a little teaser is actually frustrating ’cause you’re expecting something more, and then you feel a little tricked, “oh, this is nothing more than a sales pitch” …

    I felt that way with a couple of free things you guys put out. Not all, but a couple … (hey – just wanted to give some honest feedback here ;) You can get people hooked with quality stuff even if it’s for free.


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