Sumo Dojo – Talking about outsourcing and how we do it

Noah & Neville talk about outsourcing:

Questions we answer:

  • WHAT to outsource
  • HOW to outsource
  • Examples of what we’ve outsourced
  • How to make sure you tell them exactly what you want
  • Where to find outsourcing peeps
  • How to test an outsourcer
  • Horror stories, good stories
  • Indians vs. Romanians vs. Americans vs. Filipinos

Link to the example in the video:

Blog posted on: December 1, 2011

36 comments on “Sumo Dojo – Talking about outsourcing and how we do it

  1. AnkitG

    First of all i am a BIG FAT fan of AppSumo …Kudos to Noah ! ;)

    Secondly, Neville…u MUST work on your GK before making comments on Outsourcing from India. Its true, there are young people who are new in this field and do mistakes, also take thins for granted. But making that perception for whole industry is not only premature but immature also !

    Hope you will think next time before making such comments.

    Cheers !

    1. Neville Post author

      I make the point in the video that it’s impossible to summarize a whole country by only a few experiences. Didn’t mean to offend :-)

      BTW….what is GK??

  2. AnkitG

    I must appreciate for your quick and such +ive reply ! :)

    GK = general Knowledge

    No, i was not offended, but there are people in outsourcing who are giving it bad name, i am concerned with those as well. Still, its not only about being cheap ! Its about quality also . As i have a small startup in outsourcing, Quality is always a top priority for me, so for my team.

    Give my Fat Sumo wishes to Noah ! :p

    Cheers !


  3. Isaac Hill

    This is great. I am outsourcing a project right now that we could have done in house, but our resources are better used for other things.

    Stealing…ah, so fun. I just stole something from Appsumo and now I am going to make it better…umm…I mean, different ;-). Ha! Thanks Noah. Much love.

    Anyone looking for affordable graphic or logo design through outsourcing should check out

    Keep up the good work guys!

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks fot the LogoBids recommendation.
      Having a good outsourcer is GREAT for stuff that you don’t do in-house alllll the time….and doesn’t make sense to hire someone just for that.

      Best of luck on your project Isaac!

  4. Dave

    Really insightful video, you captured me for the full 26 min. I did some outsourcing stuff back in the day (like when eLance was the only site out there and they were just starting out), had some mehh results. Spent a lot of time communicating and going back and forth that I would have rather just done the work myself at that point….I don’t think I was being that retarded haha.

    I’ll have to give it another shot was a smaller task in the near future and work up from there. Good stuff guys.

  5. Shrad

    Hey Guy,

    I have made a really important decision today (after 4 Heineken’s in me)…if i’m EVER going to do the fanboy thing, it’s for you guys :-). Keep it inappropriate!


  6. Chris G

    As always, good stuff and funny shit rolled into one. I have had both good and bad results on, to your point, depending how explicit I was in my instructions.

    Thanks for the honest nature you both display…

  7. Fadi

    Great video guys, I been outsourcing for the past couple of years so far it’s been great. here’s some tips that I learned if you looking to hire someone full time,
    Spend two bucks and call them just once to make sure they are legit. Ask for their mailing address, yes they can give you false address but you can learn about them by the way they react and simply google their name you’ll never know what you gonna find, once during interview i was doing on skype with one girl i was thinking to hire for support after searching her name i saw an ad she posted somewhere “virtual assistant + plus webcam model” she didn’t look that good so i didn’t hire her :)
    and as far as tools to help you run things skype, basecamp and google docs ROCK

  8. Sarah

    I’d love the contact info. of your developer. You said to email you for it, but I can’t seem to find your email address anywhere, and your contact page says you get all comments emailed to you, so I think this should work–you now have my email address. Thanks so much for all the great value you give in these videos!

      1. Sarah

        Hi, I had already done that :). There is no email address there, just links to other sites. I went to both sites and there is no email address there either. I’d really love this info…is there some other way I can receive it from you? Thanks so much!

  9. Dale

    So say for Data Entry into an ecommerce website where they can access all of your sales information and basically wreck your site if they want too….

    How do you find someone reliable to do this when outsourcing?!?

    1. Neville Post author

      I suppose there’s a certain level of trust.
      Maybe try working with them on something else small first….see if they’re reliable and trustworthy, then move onto a bigger project.

      In my experience I’ve never had anyone go rogue and destroy my stuff.

  10. Green

    Nev, I know you said not to pay up-front, but what if they just want a portion of the money upfront?

    Do you think paying 25% now, then 75% after it is finished would be alright?

  11. Bryan

    Neville – Great video. One question. When you guys got to the technical/non-technical section and couldn’t remember what that meant, I was hoping you would address the pitfalls of outsourcing if you are not technical at all. My concern about outsourcing has always been that there could be something that I am not accounting for or something wrong with the code that I can’t detect until it is paid for and too late.

    Basically, is there any risk in not being able to do enough testing before paying if you aren’t particularly technical?

  12. Jacob

    I have been considering outsourcing for a wile now still not sure if I am ready to take the leap but this was some very helpfull infomation I will take on board when I make the final decision, keep up the good work guys. Love this blog


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