Syntel Going Up?

Syntel (SYNT) has recently been showing a lot of positive volatility lately. Earnnings are scheduled to come out Feb 23rd at 9:00am Central.

The last time I watched Syntel report earnnings I was caught off gaurd by a sudden 25% increase in stock price! I am hoping that will happen again. If I find a good spike in price, I will be selling Syntel as it is not a longterm holding. I think the company will do great in the longterm but it is too volatile and unpredictable for me at the moment.

Check out the 5 year chart. Think the trend can continue for SYNT?

Also, The Kirk Report mentioned me here today. Part of my article on business blogging features the The Kirk Report. As for now, I have to go to a Texas Entrepreneurs ice breaker in Downtown. Ciao!