Texas Film Society Hall of Fame Awards

This past Friday, “Bob” once again tipped me off about a great party. This particular event was going to have a lot of celebrities, film producers and a lot of high powered people in general.

I was informed the attire was “Texas Cocktail”, and I had NO clue what that meant. I played it safe and wore a tux, until I found out I was WAY over dressed. The bow tie came off, a few buttons were let loose and my wardrobe looked decent.

I had the chance to hang out with my friend N-a.te P a – ul at this party (He’s a college freshman and has already sold six companies….a whole post will go up about this guy later).

It was quite an eventful night, but some few major points:

I somehow heard Lucy Liu was in the crowd, and after dinner I actually went up to her and said, “Are you Lucy Liu? May I take a picture with you?” She gave me the COLDEST look and said, “I’m not Lucy Liu” and her friend sitting next to her confirmed her statement.

Turns out is was Lisa Ling from the show “The View”! Obviously, Lisa Ling is not a big Neville Medhora fan anymore. I’m usually not embarrassed easily, but I must laugh at MYSELF for that slip up :-)

In hindsight it’s clear to see they don’t look exactly alike…but it person in was deceiving!

Towards the end of the night me and NP happened to stumble upon access passes laying out on the tables. I got lucky and picked up an “All Access” pass which allowed me to go in the promo picture room with all the celebs and directors. It was surprisingly strict in there, the bouncers actually made someone delete two pictures from their digital camera inside the room.

Matthew McConaughey was there being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and NP and I went through a lot of crap to get this awful picture. We FINALLY got MM’s picture while he was ordering a drink. Long story short, Matthew McConaughey is an ASS. He’s also People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

I’m hardly in the picture. When he finally agreed to take the picture, he said, “Fine, but I’m not moving.” So far that night I had pissed of TWO celebrities, a new record.

Lyle Lovett performed that night, and we got a picture with him. His people were trying to get him out of the venue and told us we couldn’t have a picture, however he told them to hold on and took one with us anyway. He even talked to us for a little while. He looks a bit like a rooster, but otherwise he was a great guy.

The party was great, but the BEST part of the night was figuring out where the after party was! A little asking around got us the location, so we headed to Downtown. When we arrived, NP dropped a big name he knew personally which got us past the tight security. Surprisingly, it was at a 3-storey, private condo in the middle of Downtown Austin.

THIS is where all the fun and mingling was that night! Before we left, me and NP took some “Party-Crashing” pictures by the rooftop pool to remember the good times:

It was an awesome time. Of course I wouldn’t have known about it without “Bob”, so another great big thanks to him for another party hookup!

Blog posted on: March 14, 2006

31 comments on “Texas Film Society Hall of Fame Awards

  1. Anonymous

    Nev, another successful party. Wish I had your connections and suave (Is that the right word?).


  2. Anonymous

    Yah, Neville: King of the Quotes and getting his picture taken with celebrities.

    Here’s a quote for you:

    ‚ÄúThere is nothing so agonizing to the fine skin of vanity as the application of a rough truth.”

    You should rename this blog….call it something like “Pictures of me with famous people and quotes taped to my mirrors.”

  3. How To Be Poor

    Nev, great party. However, I notice that I’m coming to this blog more and more for AWESOME anonymous comments. Any was to capitalize on that? Anonymous – you rule.


  4. Anonymous

    Grief!!!! Are we supposed to be impressed? You crashed yet another party, got drunk and took some horrible pictures.
    I used to think that you were a rising star. Now I think you have a chronic case of “star-envy”.
    All your experiments and ideas have been serious knock-offs. Nothing new there.
    You snatched few used pens on campus. You found out it was hard to keep in touch with homeless fella’. Brilliant!!!
    You have finished school and you have spent your time wall-papering your room with famous quotes. You have posted your income all over the place but you have set up expense tracking only after some anonymous’ nagging here. And what a system of expense accounting it is!!! Especially, since you are a techie dude. Bulletin board expense tracking. Bit dated I would think.
    I used to like to read your site because it was funny and well-produced and not ’cause I was going to learn a lot of new stuff.
    Your site has gone to ……. and I have never bought your talk about so many, so secret…. projects you have been supposedly working on. Lots of hot air around here. JMHO

  5. Quant Trader

    This stuff is great practice. Sooner or later, every entrepeneur has to approach a complete stranger and ask them for a favor (usually the first favor is to listen to you for a few minutes), and do so with confidence. When the moment comes, and you actually get in contact with a decision maker who can help your business, you have to be prepared. Many fail because they can’t handle the fear of rejection. Handling rejection and feeling confident when the stakes are high are skills that can be learned. Crashing parties and annoying the celebrities with requests for pictures seems like an excellent way to develop those skills while having some fun at the same time.

  6. Anonymous

    they arent being asses to you! They are out at what is a professional function, and getting hassled by people acting like goofy star struck fans… id be annoyed too

  7. Gill

    Hello Nev,

    I just discovered your site today and started reading through your archives. I must say, you have an interesting bunch of commentors frequenting your site, and an even more interesting life.

    I’ve got a few entrepreneurial friends whom remind me of you, so I can relate to your personality.

    The fact you go to these events undetected and actually make friends there is pretty impressive. No matter what the commentors here say, I bet while you were at the function they were sitting on their couches at home doing nothing.

    Good job on being out there and working your magic. Good luck on your journey!

  8. Anonymous


    Who is this BOB guy anyway — I find it funny how he wants you to not use his real name — than again I figure it’s for the best, afterall you are one obnoxious loser.

    Matt isn’t an ASS — I met him, he is nice actually; probably was an ass to you because like the previous commentor stated — here is nice gala …and here are two punks “crashing” it… I would be annoyed too!

    PS. Lucy Lu Can Kick Your ASS! lol

  9. Anonymous

    Man, How do you stand that Anonymous guy? I think you should disable anonymous commenting, but then I wouldn’t be able to comment anymore :)

  10. Anonymous

    Ok “5:55AM Anonymous” , If Nev is so pathetic and seeking attention, Why the hell are you wasting you life away reading this blog.

  11. paulwk

    Even if you were pressuring Mr. M for a pic, he didn’t have to be an asshole. I’m a little sick of celebs acting huffy about pictures. If it wasn’t for us seeing their crappy movies, they wouldn’t be living the high life they leave. I’m not talking about the POS paparazzi, but just regular fans.

  12. Anonymous

    These are silly posts. I come here less and less because this blog is increasingly about meeting celebrities and less about business, finance, etc. I hope you had fun at the party you weren’t invited to, but you’re missing the supposed point of your own blog. If that point has changed, just say so. This is a yawner.

  13. Anonymous

    So explain to me how you pestering actors and musicians is going to make you rich? Sorry, Nev. I like your blog but this was a waste of my time as a reader and a waste of your time as a…whatever you imagine yourself to be.

    PS: Lucy Liu and Lisa Ling…you are a moron.

  14. Anonymous

    I just recently started reading your blog and have been impressed with your creativity and social network. I saw in this post that you had pictures of and mentioned being friends with NP. I am from Austin, and have heard many stellar things about that kid. He’s received quite a bit of publicity because of his company and I was curious to hear more about him and what he is up to these days. Looking forward to your post on him! Keep up the great blog!

  15. Anonymous

    Hey it would be interesting if you could post that entry about your friend NP. Seems like quite a character, having sold 6 companies…

  16. Anonymous

    You know, in 8th grade, when we would watch Channel One News in class, and Lisa Ling would come on screen, I don’t think any of us thought “Hey, it’s Lucy Liu!”
    Way to go.

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