The Bike Project

Have you ever asked yourself if you could fit a full size bike into the trunk of a 2004 Toyota Camry???

Well the answer is yes.

I bought a bike from Wal-Mart last night…It cost me $118

Surprisingly, it went straight into my trunk without any problem. I put the back seats down and it slipped right in.

Thursday after school, I’ll see how long the four mile ride to campus takes.

For now, the bike is sitting in my music room (a.k.a. the 4th bedroom of my apartment)

Blog posted on: June 23, 2005

14 comments on “The Bike Project

  1. Johnie

    [Sigh] You Texans with your huge houses and apartments. Here in NYC, we pack it quite tight. I don’t even have a spare bedroom, nonetheless a “Music room.”

  2. FMF

    You’re on a slippery slope. I started with a bike like yours, then got a road bike. I predict you’ll be riding in races or long-distance events within a year. ;-)

  3. Jose Anes

    So you will make a posting about money saved on bus tickets due to bike? Increased health due to excercise (less money on doctor and medicine co-payment)? And reduced time required at the gym (more time used fo r money making projects)?

    Money and Investing

  4. JLP

    Cool bike. Unfortunately, if it came from Wally World, it probably isn’t of the best quality. My son bought a bike there and it is pretty much a hunk of junk.

    Have fun riding!



  5. Anonymous

    Hey, could you do a post about the average financial situation of a early 20-something? I always wonder where I stand. I think I’m doing pretty well, you’re doing pretty well, but then there’s people who are broke or in debt at our age. It’s hard to know what is doing well and what isn’t since we all tend not to own the houses or nice cars yet.

  6. Neville

    I have two roommates, so there’s three of us. We have a 4-room apartment.

    I have a four room, two bathroom, fully furnished apartment with two tennis courts, two basketball courts, workout room, 30-person hot tub and a large pool….
    Each roommate pays only $390 a month…and that INCLUDES all bills! Eat your heart out NYC!

    We’ll see what happens!

    Jose Anes,
    UT has the largest network of free student buses in the country…so I don’t pay for the bus. I will probably spend slightly less time at the gym now because I can cut the cardio portion out.

    I’ve had a couple of bikes from Walmart and they’ve all held up really well. I put my bikes through A LOT of abuse, and the WM bikes have help up well so far. While WalMart merchandise is generally of lower quality, I am not prepared to pay much more than $100 for a bike right now.

    Don’t forget I still have to buy a lock, helmet and blinky-thing for night riding.

    I’m guessing not all 20-somethings are broke and in debt, but I’m sure some are. I don’t really care.

    Different people have different aspirations. Some people I know want to make only enough money to survive, some of them want more than that….it’s their life and their choice, I am not one to impose. Everyone is very different!

  7. Kate Bean

    Nev, awesome on getting a bike – you’re saving the environment! I saw Anonymous’s comment and I wanted to reply, but is that blog-comment abuse? Anyways, I think that it’s hard to know where you stand (if it’s important to you) because people tend to hang out with people that value the same things – so if financial stability/savings is important to you, your friends probably reflect that too. Money magazine had some stats in last month’s issue…

  8. Jonathan

    It’s a bit late (maybe not too late), but I’d recommend getting a used higher-quality bike for ~$200 instead of a $120 wally-world bike. Try Craigslist. If you are truly going to ride that much every day, it will be worth it. Those bargain basement components will starts to fall apart fast. Just another 2 cents.

  9. Anonymous

    I bought a Schwinn bike from WM and it sucks monkey nads. I paid $160. I would *strongly* recommend getting a real bike from a good bike shop. If you’re just using it for general riding and commuting, you could get a hybrid for under $400. I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t skimp on bikes. I don’t mean go out and blow $1000 on a bike, but you definitely should spend at least few hundred dollars.

  10. Ninjamoney

    Better late than never…I’m amazed that bike fits in your trunk. Something i’ll consider before buying my next car. I’m also interested to see how long the wally world bike will last.

    Mo’ Money


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