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Know something I’m really thankful for?

My blog. was born on November 17th, 2004 (almost TEN years ago!!) to keep track of my financial situation.

It was never meant to be read by another human being other than myself.

Now why would a blog be so important for me?  It’s for a simple reason:

Ask me what I did in March 2006….and I have no freaking clue.

However I can just go to the sidebar of my blog and click on the March 2006 archives….and INSTANTLY it all comes flooding back.  Simply reading a few sentences or seeing some images from that time allows me to instantly recall everything that was happening around that time.

For this reason, my blog acts as my surrogate brain.  Retaining all the memories I would otherwise surely forget.

So for keeping my brain alive, thanks NevBlog :-)

The stats below don’t tell the whole story, but starting sometime in 2005 I installed Google Analytics, and here are the stats from a blog “nobody was supposed to read”:

For starters, it’s cool that OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE have viewed something I created.  Maybe I should put a badge on NevBlog saying “Now seen by over 1.5million people!” :-)

Here’s some fuzzy math on how many cumulative hours have been spent on my site:

(1,664,333 visits) x (99 seconds per visit) = 2,746,149 hours of NevBlog-viewing time!  

Blog posted on: March 2, 2014

13 comments on “the blog

  1. Simon Green

    I also recommend that you journal the stuff that you want to keep private. A good app is Memento on iOS.

    Have you heard of the little camera that attaches to your shirt and takes a photo every 30 m or so per day?

    That would make an interesting blog post if you wore that during an eventful day. For most of us though it might be a photo of our monitor 80% of the time.

  2. Hari @Herbelixirs

    I’ve been a fan of your blog since 2007 actually (the year I added you to my rss feed reader) but somehow I’ve never stopped in to say hello…

    Anyway, congrats on the fantastic stats and keep up the good work…

  3. Matthew G. Monroe

    I can’t quite remember when, where, why, or how I’d initially stumbled across you blog, but I do remember thinking to myself, after I’d first read through some of your posts: “Hmmmm… Here’s a guy who writes well, takes chances, self-experiments, and doesn’t follow the same life script we’ve all been handed…. Fuckin’ cool!”

    Neville, your blog is great… Really great.

    And it’s most important aspect?

    Your blog is interesting.

    Keep writing well. Keep taking chances. Keep self-experimenting. And keep staying the hell away from that life script we’ve all been handed.


  4. Camron

    Thanks for sharing your analytics, and congrats on the success of this blog. I have found your blog to be interesting and it’s lessons memorable.

    Quick question Nev, what’s with the high bounce rate? Have you seen that number drop over the years?

    1. Neville Medhora

      Hey Cameron, thanks!

      The high bounce rate is because of two things:
      1.) Stats for THIS long can be misleading (lots of random things like massive hits from etc)


      2.) My blog displays the full content right on the homepage. SO most visitors come to the homepage, read what they missed, then leave.

  5. Rob McNelis

    So you’re pro full posts on the homepage? Can’t decide if I want to keep my blog as is with full posts, or switch to exerpts with read more buttons. Thoughts?

    P.S. always loved how your blog connects with me, the reader. Might have something to do with your kopy skillz. Lol great book as well!

  6. Kevin Schouweiler

    First, I’m really impressed with your dedication to your blog. I’ve been reading it for the past 3 years and love it. Its tough to find people who can stick with things for the long haul.

    Second, what would you say is your biggest tip for keeping accountable to posting regular?

    Third, the picture in this post is hilarious.

  7. Joseph Choi

    Hey Nev, great spot on enjoying the fruits of your labour and 10 years worth of blog is going to become a great online heirloom one day.

    One thing I noticed that may need a double check is the calc you did. I assume your total is based on minutes and not 2million+ hours spent…I was like wtf..well done man! Anyways a great accomplishment. Joe Sumoling


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