The Book is Done!

Remember that Writing A Book In Two Weeks Experiment I did?

Well I got the first copies of the physical book from the printers! Check it out!

Hahahahaha….I couldn’t stop laughing that this book actually exists :-)

The front cover is actually a subtle ode to my favorite copywriter: Gary Halbert….you can see his book was clearly the inspiration *COUGH*exact copy*COUGH* for my book:

The image I used on the cover was a cheeky nod to the show Family Guy….where Brian Griffin’s novel has this cheesy oil painting of him looking very profound:

You can see the similarities here:

I printed out 3 copies of the book through just to see how the formatting would come out, and it came out better than expected!

There ARE a bunch of very small changes I want to make (like page breaks and spelling errors).   That’s to be expected since this was written in two weeks.

If you really want this you can buy it here

…..and I will laugh my ASS off if someone actually buys it!  I priced it at $14.92

….because that’s when “Columbus sailed the ocean blue” :-)

But this kind of concluded my totally-useless-goal of “Having a book with my name and picture on it”!


UPDATE 9-22-2011

Someone actually bought the book!  That means my book sold ONE more copy that Brian Griffin’s novel :-)

Blog posted on: September 20, 2011

15 comments on “The Book is Done!

  1. Kyle

    Hey Nev!

    Well first I’d like to congratulate you on your book being done! Second I’d like to know if you’d be willing to give a short presentation to a group about college kids (UT students of course) about the ways you’ve made money in college. I’m an RA and one of the programs has to be about money and finance. Well I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can work something out.


    1. Neville

      Hmmm…that actually sounds interesting.

      A lot of the things I did were either a bit technical (website related) or actually getting off my ass and doing some sort of manual service (ex: power washing homes).

      If you want, get in touch and I can let you borrow one of the books to see if it’s the right kind of stuff to speak to your students about! (I live Downtown not far from campus)!


      1. Kyle

        Awesome! I think they’ll really like learning how to make money without having a job, if you want to meet up just name the time and place and I’d be willing to venture downtown sometime to meet you. Hope to hear from you soon.


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  3. Joanna

    Oh my! I stumbled on your blog and have started reading it and I LOVE IT!!! This is just so amazing and I love that you wrote a book in 2 weeks! Definitely going to keep coming back because each post is awesome.

  4. Chris J

    Feels awesome to write a book doesn’t it Nev especially when you get your first physical version in the mail and you can hold it in your hands. I wrote my first real book recently however it’s children’s book. “The boy who stopped the world from crying”. I will check amazon on Thursday and write a review for the kindle version.


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