The Condenser Mic

For Christmas my brother bought me a Samson C01U Studio Condenser Microphone. That’s basically fancy talk for a high quality microphone I can hookup to my computer:

I always wanted a nice mic but never got around to buying one, and now I realize all the fun things I can do with it.
For example:
  • I can speak like I’m on NPR radio and talk like the Saturday morning classical music announcer. Today we’ll be listening to Concierto Number 5 by Beethoven.
  • I can even talk like God.
Silly stuff aside, I can record written posts into audio, all in a high quality format. I have some expensive software such as Adobe Sound Booth, but the free and open source program Audacity is by far my favorite and easiest to use so far.
I wrote this post simply to have a script to read from. You can now hear the whole thing here:
(or if that doesn’t work, download here).

Blog posted on: February 9, 2010

5 comments on “The Condenser Mic

  1. Linda

    lol i love the God voice you used. incidentially your transcript is off “talk like God” in the post. and “talk like I am God” in the sound recording :)

  2. Lillie

    Technology. This is awesome. Sounds like you’re having fun and enjoying the gift, and most importantly, learning lots of new things and being creative. I would love this gift. I’ve added this link to my favorites so that I can share.


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