The course course course course thingy

The latest AppSumo course I released was thought of by vote.

We ghetto-tested which possible courses I should make…and let the audience vote.  The #1 result:

A Course ABOUT Building A Course!

Lol….I still think that’s hilarious :-)

Basically I open up my brain on everything I know about video-course making.  And since I get easily distracted, I took 30 minutes to illustrate what this would look like:

Here’s the sales video thingy we filmed for it.  We made it in a studio with a REAL camera so it look really sharp!

Making all these courses was just kind of a fun extension of all the “experiments” on my blog that I’ve done for years.  So far they’ve been….umm….very….profitable.

So this basically shows how all the courses are made.

Blog posted on: January 27, 2012

10 comments on “The course course course course thingy

  1. Espree

    So I thought there was no possible way the course about building a course could teach me anything new. I know mind maps. I know Kajabi. I know Kern, Walker, Collins, Bronson… blah blah blah and umm… totally got a lot out of it. How’d you do that!!! Ha. Completely inspired me to legit make a course. Even though I was already gonna make a course you kinda simplified the whole thing to be wam bam thank you mam.

    1. Neville Post author

      I KNOW! People particularly liked how I developed a whole course outline in like 3 minutes which included all the videos to make.

      Not hard as most people think!

      Glad ya liked it Espresso!
      (yes, I know I just called you a coffee) :-)


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