The Dubai Laser

As I step out of the security line in one of the Dubai airports today, I get asked, “Do you have a pointer?” by the security guard. I told him yes and he asked me what color it was….I reluctantly said the magic word “Green” which I knew would be bad.

They asked me to show it to them, so I fished out the hand-held 15 milliwatt from my backpack and gave it to them. They shined it on the floor and flinched as they noticed how eye-hurtingly bright it was. I could easily tell they were going to confiscate it, but there was also a restrained curiousity about them wanting to play with it.

My passport was taken and I was lead to a room where I had to fill out some paper work and sign a document stating they were going to destroy my laser:

Is it wrong to carry a high-powered, quasi-legal laser pointer that-can-place-a-bright-dot-on-any-object-your-eye-can-see-no-matter-how-far-it-is around with you for fun? Apparently not in Dubai.

Blog posted on: December 26, 2009

7 comments on “The Dubai Laser

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  2. Blake

    That blows. How tempting would it be as one of those security dudes to pocket some of this seriously cool stuff that otherwise is doomed to be destroyed? ;)

    Have fun in Dubai. I'm guessing lodging, eating, and entertainment there are much cheaper now than at the height of their bubble several years ago?

  3. Anonymous

    They are illegal in Australia also.
    People here have been shining them at planes coming into land temporarily blinding pilots.
    The few idiots ruin it for the rest of us.

  4. pennystocks

    Have one of those green ones that I can hit far off boats with. must've been one of them, I could see how it may be distracting if used for bad but I can see that about almost anything.

  5. jim

    That is ridiculous. I have had so much stuff taken at airports, yet they let me take pens ro many things that would make good weapons.

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