The Eight Secrets to Getting Rich

One of my favorite books EVER is How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis.

Towards the end of the book in chapter 19 he attempts to summarize the entire book into eight very-condensed bullet points.

I have written them out verbatim in order to remember them better:

Blog posted on: May 10, 2011

18 comments on “The Eight Secrets to Getting Rich

    1. Neville

      hahaha…I remember thinking that, but I wrote this late at night in a hurry to get off the computer.

      I did that before, and I made a grand total of like $1.30 from it :-)

      But in all seriousness that is a PHENOMENAL book…and rippingly fun to read.

  1. Shane

    I loved this book, it is a very entertaining read(love that British humor). Many might be put off by the title but the book has some great insights I have not heard before.

    1. Neville

      I guess it does sound scammy….but direct at the same time! You DEFINITELY know what the subject is about :-)

      The content is phenomenal…and his particular brand of British humor is quite good!

  2. Mike

    Agree with all the above, however there is one imperative that is missing, that is to TAKE ACTION. seen a million get rich schemes and none of them are any good if you dont at least try – think this should be added to the list. Rather than just looking for the ‘perfect scheme’ – take action is the only real way……….

  3. Chris

    Did you see that Felix has a new book out called “The Narrow Road: A Brief Guide to the Getting of Money”. Its shorter than How To Get Rich and more focused on business advice than the original.

  4. Maggie

    Hey Nev!

    Love your financial blog – especially easy to understand and straight forwards posts like this one!

    I host a finance talk show on The Pulse Network that features financial bloggers/experts talking about current events as well as giving advice to our viewers. I would love the opportunity to interview you on my show! We film live on Tuesdays at 9 AM EST. The show will also be recorded and available on-demand on our website.

    It’s short notice – but if you are free tomorrow morning we would love to work with you! Shoot me an email if you’re interested -Talk soon!!

  5. John@MightyFinance

    secret number nine: write a book with secrets about how to get rich

    heh, well, just kidding, i dunno how lucrative book writing be

    i like the underlining of compulsion

    i’m not really compelled to be compulsive about anything lately, so maybe i’m not meant to be rich just now

    but i feel rich in wisdom and good health, and great friends, so there’s that

  6. best online trading

    You did hit the nail on its head. I definitely like your post because getting rich is what we always wanted but a few only knew that methods on how to. Though success does not come on easy ways it will motivate them to try harder and persevere more.

  7. Financial Problem ?

    very interesting ! seems the list comes from real experiences from real human being. as always, it’s all nothing without implementation. so stop reading now and do all you’ve read.. Nice share, thanks!

  8. Tim

    How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis has got to be one of my favorite business books of all time the advice that he gives is PRICELESS!

    I actually also just came across an old interview with the founder of Amazon recently Jeff Bezos and he also had some words of wisdom where he said that people can come up with million dollar idea’s all day long it is being able to execute those ideas that is the hard part! Anyways I hadn’t visited the blog in a while I definitely have too check this out more often!



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