The Fresh Prince teaches you marketing

::wipes away tears::

It’s true, I actually tear up when I watch this video clip from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

YouTube Link:
Length: 3min

This scene where Will Smith’s father abandons him, shows a REAALLLLLLYYYYYY IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE you must understand when talking to people.

Will justifies tons of reasons why it doesn’t matter his real father wasn’t around.
Logically, he shouldn’t give a damn that his father abandoned him once more.

But then at the 2minute 30second mark the real truth underlying alllll that logical shit comes out:

“How come he don’t want me man???”

Did you see what happened there?

No matter how much logic…
No matter how much success…
No matter how much convincing….
…his real pain comes from that little child inside asking, “Where’s my daddy!?

So let’s play a quick game based on this:
If Will Smith’s character was real, and you saw him passing you on the street.  What’s ONE small sentence you could say that would make him instantly turn around and pay attention to you??
All we need to do is look at that video one more time, and wait for the “AH HA!” moment at 2min and 30 seconds.  
So if you said:
“I know why your dad walked out on you…..”
“Your dad left you because…..”
One.) You’d be a total jackass for playing on his deep insecurities.
Two.) You’d get the Fresh Prince to stop in his tracks…..because what you said strikes a deep pang in his heart.  
Think about this when talking to people in your life, or customers of your business. 
What is their real concern?
What is their real problem?
Are they B.S.’ing around the real problem?

I just taught you a marketing lesson based on The Fresh Prince.
I think we can all agree I am now the master of all marketing.
You may now bow down at my feet.
Neville Medhora

Blog posted on: April 2, 2013

15 comments on “The Fresh Prince teaches you marketing

  1. Jason

    That’s good shiz, Neville. One thing I would ask is that you create a follow up and show examples of this in copywriting… like really epic headlines. Things like “What doctors take when they have a headache.”

    1. Neville Post author

      That’s a great headline.

      Might not keep harping on this specific example, but I will be sending out more stuff similar (with more concrete examples soon)!

  2. Devon

    It really hits this underlying need we all have to belong.
    If you can give a person a deep feeling of being a part of something there is an openness that flows from that… in other words… i cried.

  3. Tristram

    Man that struck me deep too…this is a fricken great marketing tip! I’m beginning to understand theres always an underlying emotion for the way people act.

  4. Deane Alban

    I never watched this show so was not expecting to be moved by this video. But…I’m sitting here with my kleenex. Today I plan to rewrite something I’m working on to make sure it “strikes a deep pang in their heart”.

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