The Online Living Will of Neville Medhora

*NOTE: Like my What Would Happen If I Die post, I’d like to say this isn’t some weird online suicide note…it’s just my online will in case something were to happen.
Hey, I was an Eagle Scout: “Always be prepared”!


6:24 PM.

I write this on my laptop, sitting cross legged on the floor, leaning against the foot of my bed.

Just 5 minutes ago a very close friend of mine who’s a doctor called me.  She was getting ready for a party and got a call that an unidentified 27 year old male was in some sort of “bike” accident, and had arrived at the hospital with bad brain damage.  Most likely it’s irreversible and he will likely die in the next few hours.  She had to cancel the plans and come into the hospital.

I could hear the relief in her voice as I picked up my phone.  She knows I’m not in the same city, and even if I was, I wouldn’t have my scooter there….but it reminded her of me.  A 27 year old male who owns a scooter.

Her call reminded me how quick I can go from happy-go-lucky Neville….to a dead lump of cells splattered on the pavement.

I then thought about how freakin cool it’d be if I was dead, but had a post explaining to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD what to do in that situation!  Like I was still blogging from the afterlife!

Oddly enough I don’t care about dying.  If I’m dead…that’s it.  I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

What worries me is the impact my burden would have on my family and friends if I’m still alive…but severely damaged.

Not quite dead….but sort of.

So I’d like to make a public, online living will.  In the event of my death or serious injury, anyone in the world can look at what I’d have wanted for myself in different events.

Hopefully this never has to be done…but hey, shit happens.

In the case of my death:

  • I would want all of my liquid assets to be transfered to my family.  This would be wired over to my parents (whom of course would use it to pay off associated costs, or share it with my brother).
  • Donate every organ and usable part of my body.  Rip it all out and give it to people who need them.
  • If I have some sort of funeral, I’d like this statement to be read:
  • “Hello everyone, thank you for being here today….I am talking to you from beyond the grave, spooOooOOOoOOoky huh (in a ghost voice)!  I’d like to say something as my last words: I was lucky.  I was REALLY lucky.  I was born in one of the best countries in the world, at a time and place where rapid technological change and innovation was taking place, into an uncommonly happy marriage between my parents, with a great brother, into a small but tight and highly successful Zoroastrian community, and had a fantastic upbringing.I’ve been lucky to have influences on my life that allowed me to never have a job, wake up whenever I want, live wherever I want, do whatever I want….anytime I wanted. I was able to “stay young” through this and have an incredibly fun time on Earth. That being said, that is now all gone.  It is gone, but was thoroughly enjoyed wilst it was had.I was here…and now I am not.

    This is neither joyous or sad.  It just is.

    I would like to say I’ll “always be looking over you guys”…but I won’t.  I will simply be gone.  The sack of cells previously known as Neville Medhora which evolved from billions of years of small genetic modifications and selections has been irreversibly removed from existence.

    I am reminded of a quote I heard Jerry Seinfeld say about why he was shutting down the most popular show on television at it’s peek.  He said, “After years of going on stage and entertaining the audience, I’ve developed a sense for when to get off stage.  Stay too short, and they’ll want more. Stay on too long, and it can leave a bad taste.  Now is the time.”

    I may not have “stayed on too long”….but it was a great run while I was here!

    And look on the bright side: Now that I’m gone, someone else can finally have the distinction of being the best looking human in the world ;-)

    (insert raucous laughter and applause here).

    I love you all.

In the case of serious brain damage:

  • Pull the plug.  If that doesn’t work, hold a pillow over my face.  If that doesn’t work, inject me with something that’ll kill me.  If they don’t allow that kind of thing…ship me somewhere they do, and get it over with.
  • I’d like to make it absolutely clear I refuse to live as a vegetable.  I will actually be ANGRY if someone decides to keep me in this state. If I need other people to take care of me in order to simply exist…it’s my turn to exit the stage.

So there you have it!  In case something happens, at least people will sort of know what to do.

…now let’s hope no one ever has to search for this post :-)

Blog posted on: November 14, 2010

11 comments on “The Online Living Will of Neville Medhora

  1. linda

    so weird neville. just today I was telling my best friend i would like her to be my power of attorney and started giving her a pre-draft of my funeral plans!

    we are in sync.

  2. Slump

    Dear Nev,

    Have you ever felt unmotivated? Like you’ve hit a slump and just feel like doing nothing all day long? How do you get out of it? Or how do you not get any?


    1. Neville

      Hey Slumpy,

      Have I ever felt unmotivated? uhh..YEAH!

      The easy answer to getting out of that is to “just do it.” However that’s not great advice.

      When I’m unmotivated, I read about the stories of successful people like Felix Dennis or Sam Walton or Earl Nightingale.

      Their struggles and determination and hard work inspire me and get me going.

      You can also “set a goal” for yourself. Like losing weight, or making a little extra money in a month or two. Maybe keep an online journal about this journey. I think it’ll teach you a thing or two.

      I constantly go through phases of productivity and unproductive. One of my favorite sources of inspiration is Adam at MBT. I get his emails daily…but you can get some of them at his blog:

  3. Slump

    Sorry that it’s out of topic. I have no comments except that I really hope you don’t pass on, and that no one would ever have to search for this. You’ve been an inspiration to me, even since I randomly clicked on your blog. :) Have been a silent reader until today.

    1. Neville

      Well thank you :-)

      There’s always a chance I’ll get hit by a bus tomorrow…but it’s unlikely. It shouldn’t be something you constantly think about.

      One of the most inspiring things I do is go to the library, and sit there for hours reading autobiographies of people I think have made it.

  4. Anonymous

    First of all, I would like to say I love your blog. I get my fix of all things fabulous… financial advice and planning, diet and health tips, and many other good things.

    So many people are afraid to talk about what they would want if they were to pass and to have it written, informally or formally is a great thing. I too, would never want to live as a vegetable but my future husband and parents would probably think otherwise. Documenting all of this as a twenty-something year old gal is something on my to-do list now.

    In your culture, how are funerals done? If you had kids and a wife, would anything in your will be different… if so, how?

    1. Neville


      What a great compliment :-)

      In my Zoroastrian culture the dead are disposed of in a most uncommon way. They go to a “doongarwadi” (aka “Tower of Silence) where they are prayed for, then left out in “wells” where vultures dispose of the body (basically they eat you as food and you are “given back to nature”).

      I think it’s a beautiful system if you can get disposed of that way….but a simple cremation (or even dumping me in a trash compactor would be fine with me)! Hey…I’m dead, what do I care!

      In business, when a person is not contributing to the business, they eventually get terminated. I hold this belief for humans and society too.

      If I had a wife and kids I THINK I’d hold the same belief. I wouldn’t want them living like that…but hey, who knows until it happens.

  5. Hylan

    This reminds me of a funnier version of Tuesdays With Morrie… Morrie also had a living eulogy/will in the book.

    Nev, I’ve recently became a fan of your blog after stumbling onto it from a random website. You have some very valuable teachings and writing on here. And the Anonymous person above is right. So many people these days are afraid to talk about their finances and their business. It’s so great that you are willing to share how you’ve made it this far. It makes us hopeful young birds want to learn to be great as well.

    Thank you.

  6. Daniel Debt Fress

    My friend Neville,
    I am surprised with the courage that you have while still you’re in the essence of your wonderful life living but still you have posted what you like when something happens to you which every rarely done by a strong human being. For this, I give you a standing clapping ovation with red carpet and a parade.
    You are a great and wonderful person as I am reading your post, also you want to donate all your body parts to someone or somebody who needs it; that is really something your family and relatives to be proud of. For this, personally I thank you for giving me courage not to be afraid to be dead; you have inspired me to help others as well even I die.
    Thank You for this inspiration my dear friend.



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