Blog posted on: September 10, 2010

15 comments on “The “Reset” Day

  1. linda

    alan’s work schedule is like yours too. it’s a cycle and there’s a phase where he goes to bed completely opposite when other people are going to bed. yuck
    i don’t think he does the reset day thing unless he has a real important appointment (like a wedding).

    whatcha reading this week that’s keeping you up?

  2. Paul

    HAHAHA pretty genius. I kinda have this problem on the weekends, but Mondays work pretty well as my reset days. After moping around with 3-4 hours of sleep all day Monday, I’ll knock out early and wake up completely fresh for Tuesdays!

    Monday’s are always so rough though…

  3. HackGoesPro

    Hey Nev,

    Been reading your blog for like a year now and you hooked me with the homeless expirement.

    Anyway there are a lot of us out there that don’t comment but enjoy your ideas and experiments.

    I’ve kinda went the other route then you, married, kids, steady job, but now in my mid 30’s it’s time to start trying some different things. So your complete willingness to try the unthinkable is really a motivation to go for something. Keep it up.

    Been to Austin once, really enjoyed your city.

  4. Austin

    Come on Nev, I’m getting bored; it’s been like 10 days…

    Why not continue to post EVERYDAY? xD

    That would make me happy. :) I was lovin’ August’s posts.

  5. JS Lee

    Hi Nev,

    You must be dedicated to your work to stay up until that late. Why do you bother trying to change if you work better at night.

    I have a very limited attention span and I get destructed easily. So I work better at night, when everyone is sleeping.

  6. Anonymous

    I am a new reader to your blog and when I started frequenting it you were posting daily. Knowing that this is a hobby, and not a must-do, I am sending good vibes your way, in hopes you are okay.

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