Blog posted on: April 20, 2012

17 comments on “Thing’s I’ve Learned from Noah Kagan

  1. The Heasman

    Holy shit, that organising meetup idea is a great one. Gonna write this down so I’m accountable to my own bullshit.
    After exams, go to entrepreneuring/techy meetups via
    Make contacts
    Invite people to poker night, or beer and burger night
    Result = Win!

  2. Arik Ermshaus

    Noah inspired me A LOT doing things like:

    “Do every day at least one thing that’s wroth blogging about” or “Writing down the things you gotta do next day”.

    His being and thinking is just great and you learn a lot listing to him and his words!

  3. Marcy

    Another thing I love from Nev’s man-crush vid is that Noah isn’t that concerned about money for money’s sake but helping people and doing cool things. I’ve been sitting in a Hospice Home for a couple of days with my Mom’s husband. Watching someone right on the edge of dying makes one realize that Noah (and you too Nev) have got it nailed! Life is about experiences and people not just a bunch of zeros in your bank account or lots of stuff.

  4. Dividendium

    Interesting stuff…

    What did he do to learn to type faster?

    Where does he get the ideas that he tries out on himself? Like writing everyday, or staying positive?

      1. Dividendium

        Hahaha, jackass. :)

        I did. I get a bunch of typing games. I’m asking because it sounds like Noah was actually successful in increasing his typing speed, and so I want to know what WORKED for him. If I want to duplicate his success, I should follow his methods, not just some random thing that pops up on Google, no?


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