This is Earl Nightingale, by Earl Nightingale.

One of the best investments I’ve EVER made in my life was a small book called:

This is Earl Nightingale.
by Earl Nightingale.

It was published in 1969, and I have an original copy I bought on Amazon for maybe $15.

I’ve obsessively read books since I was younger, and so many of them are phenomenal….but this is THE ONE BOOK I would grab out of my house if it was on fire.

I’m not a very religious person, and I consider this book, the closest thing I have to a Bible.


The book is just transcripts of a 5-minute radio spot Earl Nightingale used to do in the 1960’s.

He did over 5,000 of these small radio shows about various topics (he was like a blogger back in the day, but his medium was radio).

The book contains about 80 of these transcripts. Each being an average of 3 pages each.

Theoretically I can read each chapter in about 30 seconds. However every damn time I pick up this book, I read one or two chapters, and it literally takes me 10+ minutes or more.

The reason is each chapter is so incredibly thought-provoking, and mind-shifting, and new-idea-giving that they make me sit there and THINK.


It’s pretty damn simple:
If I’m confused, pissed off, sad, or lazy (or in some similar state that is not desirable)….I pick up this book and open a random chapter.

Within a few minutes of reading, I generally have a paper/pen out and am jotting out the quickest solution to my problems.

It’s almost like a sure-fire way to make me feel better since it gets me thinking RATIONALLY about an issue I may have, rather than just “oh poor me complain complain complain” shitty circular thinking that gets you no where.


I have no affiliation with Earl Nightingale. Or am trying to get anyone to buy the book for any reason whatsoever.

Just thought I’d share what I consider to be one of the greatest investments in myself I’ve ever made.

I was reading the book , got an idea, then wrote this post from Kerala in India.

Reading the book over tea in Kerala, India.


I refer to this book when I have a problem.  It's like a Bible, except without all the fiction.

I refer to this book when I have a problem. It’s like a Bible, except without all the fiction.


I love this book.  Such a tiny investment has yielded huge results.

I love this book. Such a tiny investment has yielded huge results.


A sampling of some of the chapters.  I randomly open the book and start reading.  Never fails.

A sampling of some of the chapters. I randomly open the book and start reading. Never fails.






Blog posted on: February 18, 2013

58 comments on “This is Earl Nightingale, by Earl Nightingale.

      1. Anne

        Hi Nev,

        Hey, I was wondering if by any chance your book by Earl Nightingale is the original 1969,
        This is Earl Nightingale
        Author:Earl Nightingale
        Publisher:Garden City, N.Y., Published in co-operation with J.G. Ferguson Pub. Co. by Doubleday, 1969.
        Edition/Format: Book : English

        I am looking for the first edition and can’t find it for sell anyplace, I have many searches out for it. The book would be for a person who had the original book signed by Earl Nightingale, however it got chewed up by her dog, now she would like the original book bound with the signed page inclosed… anyway if you are interested in selling it, I would be interested in buying it.
        Or, if you known of any other ideas of where I can find the book, please pass on any information you have.

        Thank you for your time and assistance.

        Make it a Great Day!

      2. Fidan

        Neville, I bought this book after reading your recommendation. It is worth it. Now this is the best among my self-help books. Thank you very much!

  1. Larry


    Thanks for this. I agree with every word – although that is usually the case.

    How’s the hand and have you kept up with your shots?


  2. Tom

    Nev, how do I get a hold of that book? I’m checking for it on amazon and used copies are like $50….yikes. Know anywhere I can pick up a copy? Thanks for the blog!

    – Tom

    1. Neville Post author

      Seems after this blog post Amazon is all out as well as others….check the comments on this post, other people have been finding it at random online bookstores

    1. Neville Post author

      Sometimes I shave. Sometimes I don’t :-)

      Apparently “Our Changing World” (which is the radio program the book was based on) was the #1 syndicated program in broadcasting at the time!

  3. Greg Watson

    Kerala eh?

    Ever since reading Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel I’ve had a hankering to go there someday and witness the Kerala Phenomenon first hand. I know it has its issues, but its an intriguing model nonetheless.

    I’m interested in your choice of Cuba and now Kerala.

    You up to something Nev? ;-)

    1. Neville Post author

      Nah….just visiting with parents. I didn’t even know what Kerala was before this trip :-)

      (FYI I’m typing this comment from Kerala)!

      Haven’t heard of the Kerala Model….but wikipedia’d it. Apparently they’ve done a very good job with education in this state and also economic development.

      1. Greg

        I was just pulling your leg.

        You youngsters are so far ahead of me with your understanding of how to apply the technology at our disposal these days, I become curious when one of you does something radical like turn off your phone and head to an unplugged part of the world, farmers market or some such thing. (things I take for granted ;-)

        Enjoy your time away! How is the hand doing by the way?

        I once got chomped on the leg, while out for a run, by a dog. Those puncture wounds are a bit of a shock to look at Eh?

  4. Brian

    Looks like this book is out print. It still might be worth paying a premium to get a decent used copy of it somewhere like Amazon or Abe books. Unless Earl Nightingale has a similar book that’s still available new.

    1. Neville Post author

      Prob out of print….you’ll have to buy old copies (I like getting old copies, they seem more stoic)!

      Check the comments to see where others have got a hold of it

  5. slothbear

    There are a bunch of copies of the book on Abe Books for under $20.

    Any idea if this book shares content with “The Essence of Success”? I can’t find it on my shelf at the moment, but I remember it had a similar format.

    And yes, oh yes, the things I owe Mr. Nightingale. I’ve been listening to his programs for 30 years. I have all of his audio programs from Nightingale Conant. And several books. And a library of cassettes that were published as a monthly subscription called “Insight”. One side was Mr. Nightingale, the other a guest speaker. I haven’t listened to *those* in years. Thanks for the reminder. Time to digitize!

    1. Neville Post author

      I have both books…..this one is better (although essence of success is good too….I would grab This is Earl Nightingale if my house was on fire).

      Earl puts out only top-notch stuff. I admire his passion for putting out QUALITY.

  6. Rick Henry

    Hey Nev,

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope your hand is feeling better.

    To everyone searching for a reasonably priced copy of the book…I found several copies on AbeBooks for around $20-30. Search for the title instead of the ISBN number and you will find a larger selection.

  7. Josue

    I was just going through my head of all the projects I have to do and wind up getting analysis by paralysis. I could sure you use something that can help me get focus and tackle what must get done. Thanks for sharing this great piece of information. How’s the cow wifi reception. Maybe they could design the wifi routers into different objects like cows and penguins instead of just a standard router look.

  8. Ben

    Somebody got the $12 edition on before I could get to it. So I got the $56 one instead off some amazon reseller. Thanks yo. Looking forward to reading it.
    Cheerio, rock on yo

  9. Ben

    Nice, just got a copy off Abe’s for $25.

    For those who don’t want to spend $ for the book or want some Earl goodness while you wait for yours to ship, I HIGHLY encourage you to download all 36 episodes of his Direct Line show here for free:

    I’ve made it a practice to listen to them while at the gym and have almost gotten through them all twice now.

  10. Jason Croft

    I know he’s one of the founding fathers of personal development. And since you turned me on to the Boron Letters, I trust your recommendations for sure.

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  12. Ben

    Ok, the Amazon reseller that I attempted to buy this book from notified me that they couldn’t fill my order at $56. So, I’m at the library now checking it out. Would have been nice if Google won the legal battle on its out of print / public domain book project. This begs the question: Whats to stop me from having this book scanned for personal consumption? Not gonna pay $100 for it

  13. Ben

    Meant to say that the library wouldn’t let me leave the building with their copy. So, I just bought a copy from an Amazon reseller for $110.

  14. Jonas Ellison

    Absolutely love Earl Nightingale. Holy shit, I haven’t read him in years, but this post inspired me to go back to his work. He’s the best. Better than Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, and all of those old American philosophers/businessmen. Reading his work gave me a much needed boost of motivation. Thanks, Neville.

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  17. King size snickers

    Dear Neville,

    Thanks a lot for forcing this book out of stock in every store front on the planet.

    No, really, I mean it. I used my internet prowess and undeniable timing to procure a used, original hardcover, and guess what? It is signed by Jesus himself. Or maybe you know him better as Earl Nightingale?

    I went OCD to get this book as you recommended, since listening to his ‘direct line’ sessions during long walks in the park completely changed my depressing outlook on life.

    I have used my energy to create a chocolate factory run by dogs, in a quaint suburb of los angeles. The Husky taught me first hand how important snickers bars are to their kind, so I embraced the lesson, and now following my dreams.

    Please contact me if you are interested in investing in the seed round. We need experienced animal handlers like yourself to help us with the many challenges that arise from teaching animals to make world class chocolate products.

    All my best,

  18. Darren

    As I respect your views and unconventional way of thinking, I was hoping that you could give me an outside perspective on a problem I am having. I think that there is potentially a market for a website that allows buyers and sellers of information to connect. For instance, I think that salespeople would like to buy contact info from people that know who the decision-makers are at a company. I feel that most people know something that might be of value to others. The problem: What other kinds of information might people have that others find valuable enough to pay for? Notehall already does class notes, but I think that there must be other forms of info that is valuable.

    Your perspective and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


    1. slothbear

      Two ideas: 1) local used book stores, especially those that don’t sell via the web brokers. 2) Wait a year. That’s what I’m doing. The various web services will have more copies. Unless Nev stokes the fire again.

      In the meantime, Mr. Nightingale published *tons* of stuff in various formats. This book is a gem, but Mr. Nightingale was always on target. I don’t think I’ve ever heard or read anything of his that was bad. I recommend with “The New Lead the Field” (audio series). It’s pretty easy to find (heh, until this blog post hits?)

  19. jon

    I’m not religious either, but when you say “it’s like the bible, except without the fiction”, that’s a huge insult to Christians. You seem like someone who doesn’t want to go around insulting people, so I’m thinking maybe you just didn’t think of it that way. But yeah, you should be aware of that. Just saying.

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  21. Chi

    Funny story,
    When I googled “This is Earl Nightingale” A picture of Nev kissing the book actually shows up. HaHa!


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