Throw In A Monkey Wrench for Six-Pack Experiment

For most of the year I live in a house about 5 miles away from Downtown Austin.  This house is nice, spacious and a drive away from everything, so controlling what I eat in that area is easy.

However nearly every summer I get a place smack in the middle of Downtown (like the 4,000 sq. ft. 6th Street loft I had for a few months) just for fun.  This year I have a place on 9th Street for a few months, just walking distance to everything I need and everything fun!  I also have a car and scooter in case I need to go further.

Now when a person lives Downtown, it automatically opens you up to having parties, hosting guests and going downtown more often….and eating crappier more often….plus Austin is considered the “Hardest Drinking City In America“!

There’s late-night junk food places a-plenty around this area…and I do love me some junk food.  However at the same time I’ll be living in this area, I’ll ALSO be doing this six pack experiment.  So this will be a definite experiment with self control.

It also STOPS people from saying, “Ohh, it’s easy to eat like that where YOU live”…because that’s definitely not the case anymore.

I’ve already been out to several family friends house where there was good-food-galore, but I’ve found it very easy to abstain from eating junk….mainly because of what I’ve learned from Adam.

Anyhow, here’s a quick tour of the Downtown place…two things to keep in mind:

  • I say “you won’t find soda in this fridge” but there’s clearly a Coke in there…that was from the previous guy who lived here…must remember to throw that out.
  • I have this place for about 2 months, and still have my other place 5 miles from Downtown

Blog posted on: April 4, 2010

9 comments on “Throw In A Monkey Wrench for Six-Pack Experiment

  1. Rob

    Awesome place Nev! V Envious. Am slowly trawling through your entire blog archives; no idea why I didn’t get addicted to your writing first time around, cos it’s surely sucking away my time now!

    How much does a place like this cost? Are you still going back to your other place much, or will you stay away completely for the whole summer?

    Keep up the great work with the abs!

    1. Neville

      Glad to be your primary waste of time :-)

      This place is $1,700/month plus electricity. I have a roommate who splits the cost. I will be staying here for approximately 2 months, but I still have my OTHER place (which is 5 miles from Downtown) rented still.

      So currently I’m paying rent on two places.

      Glad you enjoy the blog!

  2. jude

    In my experience, downtown also has the best opportunities for eating well. There is a myriad sushi restaurants. Whole Foods. I’d say that it’s easier to eat clean/fresh downtown than in the burbs where you drive by a KFC every couple of miles.

    Of course, there’s no shortage of drunk food too (G’raj Mahal’s pakoras are my new stand by).

    Looks like Red River Flats, no?


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