To Accomplish My Goals:

A million in liquid assets is an extremely lofty goal. Is it even possible? Of course. To make $1,000,000 in five years I will need to:

Save $200,000 per year

Save $16,666 per month

Save $3,846 per week

Save $549 per day

Keep in mind this is saving $X.XX per year and does not include expenses.

I mandatorily put away $400 per month for investing and permanent savings, and after I get paid (from any source) I put away 60% if not more. Since I started working, I have been putting away roughly $685 per month. My current savings per month needs to increase by 2,400% immediately to meet my goal by 27.

Blog posted on: November 22, 2004

4 comments on “To Accomplish My Goals:

  1. Sheila

    THIS IS GREAT! A definite keeper to KEEP in mind, when money flow is it’s its prime!

    Blessings, SHEExooo

    I left you a longer message earlier and it got lost in the sending. Good thing I copied and pasted and I will SEND it later!

    Take Care! STay Positive!

  2. Sheila

    Also: Don't know where this will be left, but I wrote it, earlier and I still want to submit it -

    "YOU" share so much from your giving and warm heart! Thank you Nev, my name is SHEE (Sheila)

    Psss… I LOVE THIS! and I LOVE YOUR CARING LOVING GIVING HEART! —> (that’s me, gently escorting the misbehaving guest out of the house)

    STay Positive!

    MONKEY Body or Body Monkey, the site you shared, is AWESOME! Thank YOU – I want, I want, I want, but money I must fought lol

    Sorry, that was a quickie – Ooops! I write poetry and I will share with you too – IN CASE YOU somehow care.. and want to read more… YOU can be a reader of MINE and so many in this fine loving caring positive and not so positive den!

    ( I hope you can find time to visit now and then or stay as long as you like as a reader or joiner) Let your heart speak to YOU! :)

    OH, and YOU have inspired me, the Work Poster, I have in my recent poem! I hope you don't mind, my heart said you wouldn't! I said, YOU are my friend, I do reach out and my heart does too, it's called being real and you are my friend, Spiritually! O.K. Nev. YOU share so much and I love your heart and site! it's a favorite of mine…and will always be!
    Take Good/God Care!

    Warmest Hugs, Peace and Inspirations, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExooo
    P.S. This is a Financial Log, this is so much more, YOU pour your heart and soul in what YOU share! Did I say: THANK YOU!? THANK YOU Neville and Thank you for those, who haven't Thanked YOU! Being kind is wise… And…Inspirational for some…

    Be Happy and Stay Healthy! to YOU and YOURS! God Bless! and Enjoy! Your day in your own special comforting ways! Be SAFE on the roads!

  3. Sheila

    btw –

    GOOD LUCK! That was in 2004! Are you still following closely, your words of encouragement for those in NEED of knowing how to save and lift their own burdens somehow Nev?

    I love your heart! YOU CARE and that is why YOU really Share!

    Hugs and Blessings, Warrior Purple Lady SHEExooo

    Pss…This was 2004 written and it is 2009, common share… What have you gained so far, still following…

    Sending you positive energies! in your direction! O.K. don’t want to be a pest, I won’t write no more.. Just wanted you to know, I enjoyed your Blog/ and your giving caring heart with all you share/shared Nev – ENJOY LOVE and LIFE! The Passions are many…

  4. this life we live

    I would love to hear everything that you know about this subject matter. You have only scraped the surface of your knowledge about this and that’s obvious from the way you blog. Have you considered dedicating a complete site so that people will not overlook what you have got to say?


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