Toronto Trip

I’ll be in Toronto from June 28th (Thursday) till July 3rd (Tuesday). If you’re in or around the area, hit me up!

Every time I go to Toronto I have a BLAST, and hopefully this time will be no different.

Here is my schedule:
June 28th – Arrive at 11am, not busy the whole day or night.
June 29th – Busy all day, going out at night.
June 30th – Busy all day, going out at night.
July 1st – Busy all day, going out at night.
July 2nd – Busy all day, going out at night.
July 3rd – Not busy all morning or afternoon, leaving at 3pm.

I’m always happy to meet new people over a quick cup of coffee, or meeting up Downtown for the nightlife. Call me if interested!

I’m staying in the Sheraton Parkway:
600 Highway 7 East (at Highways 404 & 7)
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B2 Canada

Blog posted on: June 27, 2007

11 comments on “Toronto Trip

  1. Anonymous

    Yo Nev

    Make sure you don’t pass up the free stuff you can get from the hotel. I mean since you are a paying guest (I assume you are not crashing whatever event is being held there) you should
    stock up on things like pens, notepads, bars of soap, mini shampoos and conditioners, toilet paper, hand towels, bath towels, robes, mints, bathroom slippers, batteries from the tv remote and all the free bottled water that is kept in the mini fridge in your room. You could get some Canadian bums to sell the water for you for $3 a pop and barter some toilet paper and hand towels for their services, with no overhead cost, you will be making pure profit from the water sales!

  2. awcool

    I’m from TO, but unfortunately am not in the city at the moment.. It definitely would’ve been be cool to meet up! Do you have friends or family in TO or are you just one of those people who love TO?

  3. cashcow

    No offense, but you’re buying a house and taking about 5 vacations a year.. all while one web business has been damaged by a bad supplier and another business is falling behind in SEO.

    How are you able to do this? You must be in debt to your eyeballs.

  4. giantess

    I’m playing with my pen in my mouth as I read this article, hehe. I guess i’m really interested in the info in front of me. Kudos to you for making me forget about my plans!


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