Totally Random – Losing an arm wrestling match

A member of my family in India is married to a professional arm wrestler.

This was me trying to arm wrestle him:

(if that doesn’t work, here’s the link):

….apparently if he went “full force” on me, he’d literally break my arm!

This was recorded on one of those awesome Canon Mark-D5 cameras (or whatever), so it looks like movie-quality.

Blog posted on: November 30, 2011

3 comments on “Totally Random – Losing an arm wrestling match

  1. corrieLyn moormann carreno tesoriero

    Honestly, Neville you are so epic and fun I wish I was your sister. I wrote a long ramble about how I was entering the wacky contests on WF so I could buy your book, but the judge(s} were not moved. Bucks went to peeps who said they would use the $ for Hostgator+original, creative stuff like that. How can I complain though when my DS is basically being held hostage by a bunch of guys who decided to go into”web development etc.” instead of following their older brothers into the local gang. It’s cool though, all the worries in my head were trying to organize some teams for sport and this latest one just evened out the teams! ok bye, thanks for existing. I’m going to reread your House of Rave stuff then look for a video of someone actually getting their arm broken while table wrestling. From CLMCT your sincere admirer.


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