Tracking Daily Income

Here’s something I’ve been doing just for fun:

Writing down the actual dollar value an activity has made me.

I already track my daily to-do lists pretty meticulously… after I scratch something off, I now write the amount of money it made me (if any).

Now there’s only a FEW things that literally put money in my pocket each time I do them, such as:

  • Daily profit from
  • Writing a piece of copy
  • Making sales from the Behind The Scenes product
  • Selling an ad or link on this el blog-o
  • Whatever else I do that equates to cold hard ca$h

The goal is to hit about $1,000 every weekday.
Some days I hit $1,000 easily.
Some days I miss by a few hundred.
Some days I far exceed that number.

….it’s just simply a reminder or the minimum I want to make (I always thought the minimum amount of money I’d be satisfied with is what a higher-end doctor makes).


Here’s a list of what you’ll make per month and per year if you make $XXX.xx per day.

I’m only counting weekdays to be realistic:

(I was just gonna make a boring Excel-style list….but thought Photoshopping it out would be more fun. The result actually turned out to look like an infographic)!

Blog posted on: August 9, 2011

9 comments on “Tracking Daily Income

  1. Thomas

    Hey –
    Why not track net worth daily too? (you should need about 10 seconds to do it once you have the first iteration)

    Income is nice but ultimately is just one part of the wealth equation.

    1. Neville Post author

      That’s true…..I used to do that.

      However it’s not a metric I focus on too much at the moment….although maybe I should start doing that again soon. “What gets measured, gets managed!”

  2. CashCratePay

    I’ve been meaning to do this since I’ve started earning money online. Right now it’s all over the place. Some sites track what you earn daily which is helpful but others just add to the total in no specific way.

    I’m currently at around 300.00 a month online but then again I just started actually earning money around 5 months ago.

  3. UK654321


    I like reading your site and seeing more then just “straight” finance posts. I was just wondering if you have any sites that you youself like to follow on a regular basis?


  4. Neo

    Thanks for the infographic Neville!

    I’ll bookmark it for the next time I need to multiply a number by 22 or–gosh–by 260.

    1. Neville Post author

      Awesome…..I think it’s a good measure to live up to everyday!

      If you try to make $400/weekday you’ll be at the $100,000 mark. It’s a good starting goal to get your current business (or work) to!


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