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I’ve been been running House Of Rave as a part time income for around 5 years now, and by FAR the most trafficked portion of the site is the rave videos section. When I first started the website, I was forced off every hosting plan I had due to high bandwidth usage. I’ve always burned through about 400 to 700 gigs of videos per month….several years ago that was a big deal and a large expense.

I am getting more traffic than ever on House Of Rave, but I’m concerned about the videos.

It was only recently that YouTube.com and Google Video showed up….but they have very quickly established themselves as THE place to go for all types of videos. So if people want videos of club/rave stuff, then YouTube will eventually steal much of my traffic. To counter this, I will instead fully utilize these two free services to my advantage.

I am in the process of revamping the video section to allow users to comment on the videos and view them directly from the site using YouTube. I’ve also started uploading all the good videos to YouTube and Google video, so House Of Rave still gets exposure when people search for club/rave videos on those websites.

I’ve even started using YouTube for individual product videos on HoR, and so far people seem to like them. Sales of certain products definitely increased when visitors could watch the product in action. My first test trial was for the High Intensity Glowsticks, and that worked pretty well.

Instead of fighting a losing battle against these dominating video services, I can get MORE traffic by joining them.

Now I need to translate these changes into results. House Of Rave is around the $2,000/month range, I need to step it up.

Steady Monthly Income - Much Work = Good.


Due to several confounding factors I could not perform my homeless experiment this week. I was planning on being homeless for about 3 days to see what I could learn. This is not the end of the experiment, simply a temporary delay.

I stopped shaving in preparation for the experiment, and it was a surprise to see I grew this in only 6 days:


I already met Michael Dell once, and I get to see him again in Austin. He is giving a speech at UT:
When: Tuesday April 25th 2006 – 7:00pm
Where: Texas Union Ballroom @ University of Texas Austin

I found this upcoming speech surprising, because Michael Dell is notoriously shy in front of crowds. When I saw him, his wife and Lance Armstrong did all the talking…he didn’t speak a word in front of the crowd!

Blog posted on: April 19, 2006

10 comments on “Utilizing YouTube, Dell

  1. Jonathan

    I think using YouTube to promote your products is smart. Use THEIR bandwidth. Put a little watermark of HouseOfRave.com on the vids, get free advertising.

  2. dave

    Dear Neville

    You rock! I wish I had your commercial and financial acumen. You not only understand, but know how to actually set up streams of income from your various ventures- while most of us are plodding along as employees. You’ve got your freedom and have avoided the great student loan/debt trap for the unwary. I like your blog because it is so positive. Me, on the other had- well I just need to get my own income streams so I can get rid of the unscrupulous.


  3. Aaron

    I’ve seen a couple of websites do the free advertising thing on YouTube, and I’ve always visited the websites. Guess it works!

  4. personal finance advice

    Years ago it may have been big money, but it really isn’t that expensive now, is it?

    While there are certainly ways to use these video services to promote, you might consider using them in conjuction, rather than either or, to make the most of that area of you site.

  5. Clint

    I’ve just started to use Google video and YouTube as well about a week ago. Too early to tell impact of course. I also use IFILM. I chose to use the Google site to embed into my own site since their system seems to be the most efficient (best buffering).

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