Vacationing and Owning A Business

For Christmas I went on vacation to Cancun with my family and friends. There were lots of relaxing and fun activities like this:

….and this:

(Notice the House Of Rave shirt)!

…but there are some definite upsides and downsides to owning a business and taking a vacation. For the most part I prepared for my absence and there was little work to be done, so it wasn’t that bad.

While I was the only one who generated any income during the trip (good), I was also the only one who had to take time out of the day to work (bad). Fortunately I don’t see this as a bad thing because I start going crazy if I don’t stay at least slightly productive several days in a row.

On two different occasions I whipped out my laptop in the lobby of the resort (working in the room isn’t as fun) and started handling business. Each session was maybe 1-2 hours, and pretty much looked like this the whole time:

Getting the work done during vacation actually makes the vacation more enjoyable in my case because I get a feeling of accomplishment out of it. However if you want a week completely void from thoughts about work, owning a business may not always be the best thing.

Blog posted on: January 12, 2009

21 comments on “Vacationing and Owning A Business

  1. Thomas Rooney

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  2. chuckiesd

    It really good. I never try it before. After reading your article, maybe i could found somthing while working on vacation. Thanks for sharing info.

  3. Charles S.

    I’m definitely right there with you on being at least somewhat productive every day. A vacation without any type of activity for me isn’t any fun at all (I hope my wife doesn’t read this!) Small Business, Hip Hop and Finance @

  4. Simply Bad Credit

    Although it may actually be termed “working”, taking a break away from the vacation can be a very important thing. The worst than that you can do it to try push yourself to have as much “fun times” as you can in a vacation only to feel unproductive and unhappy aboutit when you are done.

    As with most things in your life having a break from something you are doing and doing something else is vital to keep your sanity.

  5. Bernz

    Hey Pal,

    I know exactly how it feels being an online entrepreneur myself. Vacationing and making money at the same time. Can’t beat that.

  6. pev

    I think this only works if your work is mostly online related. Say if you’re an account manager or something – it wouldn’t be good to be working while on vacation because it wouldn’t be vacation.

  7. drivelocity

    Like cleaning the house before a vacation, there’s nothing worse than getting home from and having a ton of stuff to catch up on.

  8. Loan Modification

    well when I am on a vacation I usually leave my work home or at the office…com’on this is the time to relax and not to work hehe

  9. dorigen

    I just opened my online business in November and I’m trying to plan a vacation as well, but I’m super nervous. Glad to see this post, as it made me realize that I shouldn’t be all too worried about it. Your blog really inspires me to keep working hard on my biz and towards the goals I’ve written :)

  10. Investor Jones

    Certainly an inspriation to us all! The seeds you sow, you are reaping! Glad to see your work time and pleasure time integrated well!

  11. Rockon

    It really good.Top site you have here! Really enjoy reading it, this article in particular!it wouldn’t be good to be working while on vacation because it wouldn’t be vacation

  12. Edgar

    Hey, nice blog!

    I have the same ‘problem’. I must do something every day. I just can`t sit the whole day surfing the Internet, always at least trying to develop myself.
    But sometimes it is like paranoya)

  13. loan modifications

    In many hotels propose to, how I shall make it away my laptop. ;)
    The rest of the holiday houses disturb his calmness.


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