Vancouver and The Grand Cayman Islands Trippy Trip

“But Nevillleee…this is supposed to be a FINANCIAL BLOG…not a personal blog!”

Screw off…I forget pretty much everything that happens, so I have to write it down.

And I DON’T want to forget what a blast I had the last two weeks!

So a quick re-cap :

I first went to VANCOUVER.

I went there for a Zoroastrian youth congress (if you recall, I’m a Parsi Zoroastrian).  We’re such a small community that we have these “Congress” events where everyone meets up.

They put everyone up at the Gage Towers at UBC (University of British Columbia), so this was the view a lot of people got.  Gorgeous:

….got to stir up trouble with old friends (you might see what I’m talking about if you Google “Neville Medhora” ;-)

We went on a Canada Day cruise through Vancouver….it was amazingly perfect outside:

And they had fireworks at night…..really fun to stand around with close friends watching this view:

We went to the Stanley Park beach for a while…once again, terrific weather and amazzzzinngg views:

Of course I took my obligatory handstand picture :-)

Got to hang out with friends from across the country:

This is officially my favorite picture of the whole trip.  After 5 days of craziness, I remember being physically exhausted, sad I had to leave, and already missing everyone……but it felt SO comfortable at this moment :-)

I came back to Austin…..immediately unpacked, did laundry, then re-packed.

Then headed out to:

The Grand Cayman Islands!

It was a family friends wedding on the beach:

We did stuff like ride a catamaran:

….swimming with stingrays:

….I fathered a child whilst there (they grow up sooo fast)!

….went snorkeling

….hung out on the beach a lot

….did the obligatory handstand picture on a sandbar:

….enjoyed the blue waters:

….hung out with a lot of family friends:

….took pictures sucking my stomach in to make me look stronger:

……and since I can work from anywhere…..I didn’t have to worry about vacation days and could still do a tad bit of work whenever I wanted to :-)

Good times!

Blog posted on: July 18, 2011

7 comments on “Vancouver and The Grand Cayman Islands Trippy Trip

    1. Neville

      I actually stayed at the UBC campus… it’s a dorm….so it’s KINDA a hotel but for big conferences mainly.

      You can stay there crazy cheap (I think $33 or $60 night), but it’s more dorm-y than you may want.

  1. Fly

    Awesome scenes are there!!!
    You all looking happy and pictures which you above mentioned are really beautiful and consists of fabulous places…

  2. Nathan McDonald

    I agree with Linda, the Sky is absolutely beautiful in that place, the water’s so clear!
    I’m definitely adding that to my list of places to travel!
    Was it expensive to do all of those activities?

    I’m definitely bookmarking this blog though and I’ve just spotted your Lamborghini page so I’m off to that next!


  3. Laurent

    Love your blog Neville and I buy a lot of stuff from AppSumo because of you.

    Next time you are in Vancouver let me know. I can show you the good restaurants and if I’m doing an event that week you are invited.

    Some pics and videos of past events >> you know you want to come.


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