Wantrepreneur Video Intro

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…….I literally can’t stop laughing at the video intro to the next course I’m doing:

Wantrepreneur AppSumo Video

We’ve already made fun of “wantrepreneurs” who do EVERYTHING about starting a business….except anything useful.  So that’s what this intro was for.  Eventually it will be part  of a longer video, but for now I just have the intro part ready

hahahahah (sorry, I had to laugh again at the level of cheesiness) :-)

This will be a continuation of the SumoBusinessBlueprint that’s helped so many people…….except this will be the Case Study Edition where I go through and show 4 different ways of going from idea to getting the first payday (in order from easiest to hardest).

Should be out soon :-)

Let me know if there’s any particular questions you have (although I already got like 140+ emails about this….so I’m pretty sure case studies and the ACTUAL PROCESS are what people wanna see).

Blog posted on: February 15, 2012

29 comments on “Wantrepreneur Video Intro

  1. Arik Ermshaus

    I’m like crying. . .and laughing me to death Neville-

    that video is so great in so many ways, cause it shows people what NOT to do as a startup + it’s like the funniest entrepreneur video I’ve already seen.

    Neville, you know I’m loving what you’re doing, keep on with that.

    Great! Great! Great!

    1. Neville Post author

      Thanks Arik! BTW….I think they’ve packed up a shirt and are sending it to Germany soon :-)

      My favorite parts of the video are where I’m explaining my crappy business idea…and Sungho (the guy doing pushups while I’m talking to him) just pauses and thinks I’m insane.

      Also, where the website animation spins around and goes WHOOOOOOP!

      1. Arik Ermshaus

        Hey Neville-

        I’ll send you a nice german Sumo-ling photo with me and the T-Shirt when it arrives.

        Body, for real: The quality in the video shocks-me-to-death toooooo.

        When I watched the Kopywriting Kourse I thought you may give a shit about video quality but this???

        Holy shit, you probably could go to cinema with this stuff. Very cool.

        How does that come?

        -german fat-ass Sumo-Ling Arik

        PS: What did happen with your arms, Mr. Bodybuilder? :-) Great, for real: really great!

        1. Neville

          Yea…this one almost looks like a movie trailer (even though we shot mostly in places with bad lighting).

          Glad you liked :-)

          P.S. Yes I’ve been working out and eating differently to get bigger (thanks to Adam at MyBodyTutor.com)!

  2. Arik Ermshaus


    what I often think when I watch your videos or read your articles is that you’re really passionate about the things you do. . .and me and the other people just loving that.

    This is why you’re NOT like the 1000000 other bloggers and that’s why I’ll stay your paying customer for life, keep on doing that!

    P.S. You even inspired me with this video to prepare an article for my blog on what things webmaster should really focus, thanks!

    1. Neville


      I try to go all out for certain things to make sure people get the message ABSOLUTELY DAMN CLEAR…

      ….plus it’s just plain fun to run around making these videos. I can’t believe I get money to do this “dumb” stuff :-D

      1. Arik Ermshaus

        This “MAKING SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY DAMN CLEAR” is even one thing I learned in the Kopywriting Kourse that blew my mind of.

        It’s like too little businesses use that. – My mom one day showed me a bill and said: “Arik this company uses a service to handle their bills, there’re like 20 names and bank accounts, where should I send the money to?”

        And I’m like: “Look mom, that’s exactly what this Neville told me (she yet knows you!), saying people exactly what to do.

        And this often just sounds ridiculous to show people how to press the “BUY NOW” button. . .however – works great!

        P.S. I’d say it’s not DUMB, cause there’s alway a message behind it – it’s just better and funnier then the frumpy rest, Neville!

        P.P.S. I am looking forward to the T-Shirt! *yeah*

        1. Neville

          Very true…..especially on the part where you say GIVE ME MONEY…it should be REALLY easy to follow.

          Why make it hard for people to HAND OVER MONEY to you?? Unless you’re purposely trying to get people to pay late (like credit card companies)!

  3. Marcy

    I watched this like 20 times! So freaking funny! A friend just emailed me all sort of crap logo designs for her biz to be and I wanted to puke! Do something REAL I wanted to scream. Sent her your vid!

    1. Neville


      In the next few weeks the actual product will come out with all the case studies of us making money in several different ways WITHOUT STUPID BUSINESS CARDS AND LOGOS!

      We already taught this stuff in this: http://sumobusinessblueprint.com/
      …..and that course alone has changed lots of lives by showing them how to actually start a business and get customers without doing all that dumb crap first.

      Glad you liked the video……I wanted to go hardcore after the wantrepreneurs….plus it was damn fun to make :-)

  4. Thewealthyicelander

    Its funny because its true.

    Its so correct, so many people end up buying books about this and that, not just finance, rather than just jumping in. Sure reading up front is important but it can’t teach you everything.

    1. Neville

      I don’t mind the reading….but a lot of people equate just shuffling papers around and APPEARING to do work…as an actual business they’re “building”

  5. RavenRick


    That video was insane. I made a promise myself that I wouldn’t buy any more courses or books until I got something out there. Watching your promo video just gives me more motivation to go live. Thanks bro!

    Can’t wait for the product release.


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