Water Reflections

The water experiment was a success, but I got lots of emails saying that $5 in profit per hour was not worth it….some points to consider:

  • I made that money in 30 min, not 1 hour.
  • I overpaid Barry.
  • I only had 24 bottles. Lesson learned: Next time bring several cases.
  • I can get someone else to do this for me.

And the MAIN POINT: I can turn almost no money into a much larger amount now that I have learned the above lessons. That was the point of this experiment.

This could easily be a $40 an hour activity for a kid looking to score some quick cash.

Some said I was still being paid for my time much like a job. This is true. BUT….I have made an agreement with Barry to set him up with 5 cases of chilled water and a large cooler with ice. He will sell them all day from 11am till 5pm and we will split the profit.

If he simply runs away with my investment I stand to lose approx. $33:

If all goes well, I can possibly make approx. $48.50:

If Barry does all the selling, all I have to do is drive over the cooler, water and ice to his corner. Not a bad deal.