We got Simpson-ized

Well this certainly was a cool way to say “Thank You”!

Got this email sent to Noah and I recently from Rohan V:

To the Brothers,

Thank you, sincerely. Let me explain. I’m currently trying to deliver free education to 20 million people in Sri Lanka and I’ve learnt a ton from both of you, as well as acquired a metric shit ton of awesome knowledge via the ongoing @appsumo deals which will hopefully directly translate into both meaningful and lasting change for an entire nation within my lifetime.
I just wanted to reach out and scribble these sentiments down because sometimes it really is the simplest things that matter the most.
To the hustle compadres!
Rohan Vimalachandran

P.S – Had the attached done, hope you get a kick out of it!
He then attached this drawing he had made of us….HA!
Simpsonized Neville and Noah
He got the original image from a thumbnail of one of our Sumo Dojo videos:
Before being simpsonized
I thought this was a pretty great way to get someone’s attention. I’m guessing he had that Simpson-ized drawing done for just a few dollars, but it made all the difference (so much so I wanted to share it)!
Thanks Rohan!

Blog posted on: November 23, 2012

4 comments on “We got Simpson-ized

  1. Leo Tabibzadegan

    haha that is brilliant!

    What a fun and creative way to show appreciation and build a relationship.

    Teaches us a valuable lesson in innovating, getting personal, and providing real value when reaching out to customers, prospects, and authoritative figures in ANY industry!

    He thought about what NEV likes
    He added a pinch of humour
    Kept it Concise
    And was genuine!

    Imagine how much further we all would all get if we reached out to our people (customers etc.) this way, instead of the old way of sending out those spammy, needy, irrelevant, copy & pasted emails!

    This shows you care about others and not just yourself. Highly targeted, and highly valuable.

    Lesson Learned.

    Thank you Rohan!

    ps. were you tempted to make Nev look like Apu? lol

    pss. I think Nev looks more like the main character in the new movie “Life of Pi” – Watch it and tell me if you don’t agree, lol


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