Weekend Update

’twas a crazy weekend with lots of friends, food and fun….but highly unproductive!

Next week from beginning till the end will be extremely hectic and busy, the way I like it. Dynegy and Syntel report quarterly earnings this coming week which should shake up the portfolio, and a sleu of school assignments will help keep me busy in the meantime.

I made an Ebay sale which netted $100. This money will go 20% to spending account, 40% to investment account and 40% to permanent savings. My permanent savings account is getting ready to hit the $6,000 mark, and I am worried I might try to touch it. I don’t trust myself with that cash laying around, especially since I am graduating soon and will be in need of lots of it! Because of this I need to quickly open an IRA account. Recommendations?

My next published article will be on savings for college students. A common problem many college students face is spending their savings, or worse, not saving at all. I will be researching all sorts of different savings accounts for this article. It will be a challenge to make IRA’s interesting and understandable, but I think I can pull it off!

Blog posted on: February 21, 2005

5 comments on “Weekend Update

  1. Anonymous


    I think the most important part for college students to realize is that they are making lifestyle choices.

    So in college if they get their small paycheck, they need to put 10% away in a DRIP or money market.

    It is not much, however, it is the lifestyle they need to realize

  2. Brian

    Nev, in the past I’ve always recommended Scottrade for IRA accounts, but since they’ve increased their fees I’d look at Vanguard or Fidelity for a Roth IRA.

    Vanguard has a wide range of low cost funds to invest in. I use them for both my wife and I.

    MBNA has now partnered with Fidelity to offer a flat 1.5% cashback credit card that can be funneled into an eligible Fidelity
    account. It’s called the fidelity Investment Rewards Mastercard. This is a great perk to use Fido…especially if you still have tuition bills to pay!

    Good Luck!



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